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How to make paper ship?

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How to make paper ship?

Almost every child has a period when he begins to be interested in origami. Most often, boys first learn how to make ships � after all, they can be let in through spring brooks and watch them get to a huge puddle, overcoming many obstacles. Today we will talk about how to make a boat out of paper or a boat.

Paper boat

The easiest version of origami - the boat. Make it every kid. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. A sheet of rectangular paper folded in half.
  2. Mentally mark the middle of the formed figure.
  3. Bend the upper corners of the rectangle to the intended middle so that you get two equal triangles.
  4. The lower edges of the rectangle bend up in different directions.
  5. Formed corners wrap along the line of the triangle.
  6. To divide the lower border of the triangle, dilute it in opposite directions and connect the corners - the result will be a rhombus.
  7. Raise the bottom corner of the upper side of the craft up and connect it to the top corner. Similar manipulations to produce with the bottom side crafts.
  8. Repeat point 6.
  9. Gently pull the upper edges of the figure in opposite directions.

Then it remains only to add volume to the craft, and the boat can be allowed to sail.

Paper ship

If you want your craft out of paper to stand out from the rest of the boats, then you should pay attention to the following version of origami:

  1. Take a sheet of square paper, fold it diagonally forshipnotation of the folds.
  2. Turn back the square, put it in front of you in the diamond shape and bend the top corner to the center.
  3. Turn the tip of the resulting triangle up and then the small corner down again.
  4. Fold the entire shape diagonally.
  5. Turn the bottom of the product in different directions.

Then on the craft you can draw windows, and the result will be not just a ship, but a boat.


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