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How to make the floor warmer?

Ildar Yunusov
Ildar Yunusov
August 18, 2014
How to make the floor warmer?

Warming of floors is important, because it is their temperature that determines the microclimate of the room as a whole. The cost of floor insulation pays off after one or two years, and significant savings in heating are already felt in the first heating season. In this article we will look at how to warm the floor, depending on its type and purpose of the room.

It should be noted that the floors should be insulated only on the first floor. On the second and subsequent floors, it is advisable to warm the floor only if there is an unheated room under it. Consider the insulation of various types of flooring.

Wooden floors on logs

Floors on logs lose a significant amount of heat due to the voids between the draft and the finished floor. Therefore, to warm it, you need to fill the empty space with insulating material. It can be mineral wool or fiberglass. When choosing a material it is worth remembering that wooden floors should be ventilated to avoid rotting.To do this, leave a very small gap near the walls.

To install the insulation, it is necessary to free the room from all the furniture and disassemble the clean floor (parquet, lining, parquet). Next, you need to process the rough floor antiseptic composition, if this has not been done before, and you can put the material.

If the finished floor is laid on logs and there is a basement, then you need to tighten the ceiling of the basement with a building grid. In the space between the grid and the floor should be placed insulating material.

The flooring of carpet or carpet, which will be not only warm, but also pleasant to the touch, can also be considered as a less expensive and simpler method of warming wooden floors.

How to make a concrete floor warmer

The most common method of concrete floor insulation is laying chipboard on a concrete screed. If a soft heat-insulating material (for example, mineral wool) is laid between the particle boards and concrete, the floors will be even warmer and softer.

It should be remembered that with such a warming of the floor, its level will rise somewhat, which may affect the location of door sills and outlets, so their adjustment must be provided in advance.

In order for the insulation not to be exposed to moisture, it is necessary to cover it with a moisture-proof membrane.This membrane will protect the insulation from getting wet and at the same time provide ventilation of the floors.

Tiled floor

The tiled floor is always cold, because it has a high coefficient of thermal conductivity and is laid on a concrete screed. It is possible to warm such floor only with the help of water floor heating system installation or laying of carpet covering over the tile.


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