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How to make your school (in minecraft)?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to make your school (in minecraft)?

A school is a special kind of building in Minecraft. They usually do not live in them, but she can also be used as a shelter for the first night. On some servers, the school, except as a building for the exhibition of pixel art or statues, is also used for its intended purpose: as a place created for training beginners. This building can house tips, crafting recipes, and so on. Sometimes there are even players who can help with advice.

If you have no idea of what material to build this building, what rooms should be placed in it, and the like, then in this article we will talk about how to make your school in Minecraft.

School creation


If you want to make a school in Minecraft, then it is recommended to use red brick or blocks of multicolored wool as a material for construction - in order for the school to look most realistic.Although, your choice undoubtedly depends on the style of the building (for example, it is best to build a medieval English school of stone as the main material).


Below are the main rooms and a few recommendations for their construction.


  1. In the hall you can place the watchman (throw the sponge-egg of the villager into the pre-fenced space).
  2. Also in the hall needed dressing room. On the wall you can place hooks that look like a distantly similar coat hook.
  3. If on your server the school will help newcomers, you need to place signs with tips and recommendations in a prominent place.
  4. It would also be nice to organize something like a board of honor. Hang on the wall skins (heads) of the top 10 players.


Naturally, classes will not do without a green board and a teacher (the villager will cope well with this task).


In the dining room it would be nice to arrange a large number of tables and seats and build a utility room (kitchen) with a stove and all the rest.


Gym must be a two-story. In it you can make basketball rings from metal gratings or a football goal from the racks of the fence and cobwebs.

Music room

Naturally, the music blocks will perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the music room.


In the library, of course, you need to put as many bookcases as possible, and there will also be an enchantment table.

From the description it is clear that building a school is not very easy, but you can do this by following our advice.


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