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How to manage the company?

Any organization or firm requires proper management, the purpose of which is to make production of goods or provision of services more efficient. The expected result is not only an increase in the income of the enterprise or company, but also the long-term goals of strengthening the market or expanding it, even if this does not lead to a profit later. The rules of how to properly manage a company include a system of influences that would contribute to the achievement of the intended goals in the business, taking into account the market conditions and without incurring significant losses. These business goals are set by the management of the company to conquer a separate segment of the market of services or goods and, as a consequence, to obtain financial profits. To lead a company is to maintain the stability of some indicators and, at the same time, to promote the growth of others.

Company management methods

To manage a company is to find ways to influence it in order for the company to achieve its goals in changing market conditions, while maintaining its stability. For this you need to know how to manage the company.Usually the strategy of a company that its owner puts in front of it is to capture a separate market share, or to make a certain profit. On this basis, management should be such as to maintain performance indicators - labor productivity, trading margin, capital productivity, etc. But at the same time, it also contributes to the growth of other indicators - sales, company assets, profits.

For a manager who wants to know how to manage a company strategically, it is necessary to know what exactly these indicators include, and what their estimated or minimum values ​​should be. Achieve the goals set for the company can be done in different ways, which should be subordinated to the company management system. The very same system of how to manage the company correctly is as follows:

  • You need to be able to make decisions and organize the labor process.
  • To be able to regulate or control the activities of the company and employees.
  • Establish feedback - compliance with the control of the company and the work of the employees themselves.
  • It is necessary to clearly set goals for each of the stages of work, based on the company's business strategy. These goals should be regularly communicated to all company employees.If you give clear guidelines for the team, then within this framework, your employees will be able to make their own decisions.
  • It is also necessary to involve our employees in the discussion of plans and goals facing the company as a whole. Such a discussion will give a sense of collective responsibility for the success in achieving these goals.
  • In how to manage a company, it is also important to determine the core values ​​of your company, to which your employees and you should be guided when making decisions. This will help to rationally expand and improve your business and give it a clear system.
  • You also need to keep track of competitors in the industry. And find out whether your company will do something in a different way than most of the companies in this market segment.
  • You also need to try to analyze, this business strategy will give a real return. You also need to think about one more thing - the company and its development strategy must have a certain potential in order to reach a higher level, another segment of the market or the international market, and be capable of growth after a certain period.

Personnel Management

But all good leaders know that making decisions and building a strategy is not all, and by itself everything will not be carried out. There are situations when a company is so difficult to manage that a single control center is not enough to support its operations. Therefore, after the decisions have been made, the task of the director is reduced to the proper separation of one case between the deputies. Also in personnel management it is important:

  • The task of each deputy is to divide the execution of tasks between his assistants and other employees, and to control this process, down to the actual result. The main criteria for the initial segregation of duties are production, supply, sale, etc.
  • Therefore, in order to achieve goals and how to manage a company, you need to create a functional enterprise structure. Responsibilities and responsibilities in functional areas are divided between managers - this is how a hierarchical structure appears in the management.
  • The work of the manager is to know the roles of each of the team members. This will allow you to successfully lead the process.Once the responsibilities are distributed, it is not worth doing micromanagement. Something changing or interfering from time to time, employees will not be able to make independent decisions, all the time focusing on you.
  • Employee initiative should only be supported. When making a team decision, the manager must support him. If you express doubts and this project is not allowed to develop, the team will lose the enthusiasm or confidence needed for further steps. If you constantly insist that you single-handedly make all the major decisions, then you can lead your team to a dead end.
  • No need to demand from their subordinates regular reporting, which would confirm the need for the development of the company. It is necessary to prevent indecision and lack of progress.
  • The head is also a psychologist to some extent. It is necessary to create for each employee a favorable atmosphere in the workplace, to ensure a healthy climate in the team, to establish strong contacts between company employees. These aspects will only contribute to an increase in the effectiveness and improvement of the quality of labor, will allow to form a creative initiative, and will give a significant production effect.This will be even better than the introduction of advanced technologies for automation of labor.
  • It is also necessary to be able to competently select personnel for successful work and promotion of the company. It is necessary to properly organize the work of employees at all levels, to monitor their motivation for effective activity in particular, and the company as a whole. You must also be able to appreciate the time of their wards and their time. To do this, it is necessary to clearly state the goals and objectives, the main thoughts that need to be brought to the knowledge of all of its employees. Also, it would not be superfluous to be able to listen to an opponent, organize your working time and strictly follow the established plan of action without unnecessary deviations.

Now you know everything about how to manage the company. This will allow you to build your own business or become a good leader of a large organization.


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