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How to mount pipes

Experts recommend when installing polypropylene pipes to use only clean and undamaged during transport or storage parts. This will ensure maximum reliability of connections, as well as the durability of the entire system. The product should be mounted at temperatures above 5 ° C. At negative temperatures, the quality of the connection of elements cannot be guaranteed.
Often have to bendpipesin the process of work. For this, the product should be heated to 15 ° C. Forpipesdiameter from 16 to 32 cm. the minimum bending radius is equal to eight diameters of the bentpipes. Avoid direct contact of polypropylene pipes with an open flame, both during operation and during storage of pipes. This is one of the safety requirements.
When installing insulated pipes, use the method of polyfusion welding, butt welding or using electrical fittings. In this case, a high-quality homogeneous (uniform) seam appears at the interface.However, it is possible to get it only strictly following the technology of work. If you takepipesdifferent manufacturers, the seam is unlikely to be perfect. If possible, only the same should be joined.pipes.
Builders often use the combined fitting when installing the pipeline.

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