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How to open MKV?

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How to open MKV?

Nowadays, the emergence of new file formats is always relevant, thanks to which data transfer will be easier and faster. It is for this purpose that several developers gather and create new technologies. So it was with the .mkv format, which was developed by domestic programmers and called it �Matroska�, which translates as �Matryoshka�.

You will learn about the fact that they are files of the .mkv extension and how to open .mkv from our article.

What is MKV

Some time ago, a group of Russian programmers decided to create a special multimedia container that would allow transferring multimedia files simply and quickly over the network. The project was named �Matryoshka� and was developed for free.

A multimedia container is a special file format that is capable of storing a certain type of data in a special encrypted form. In this case, the MKV format has the ability to:

  • Contents of multiple streams of audio and video.
  • Switch audio tracks, video tracks and subtitles while watching.
  • Break the material into chapters.
  • Works with navigation menus like full-fledged DVDs.
  • To be resistant to system errors and information recording errors.
  • Fast forward when viewing.
  • Streaming over the Internet or any other.

MKV is a great alternative to AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG and other formats.

MKV-container stores any multimedia information - video, audio and subtitles. This is one of the most convenient formats for video and audio. At the same time, the format does not contain codecs and video compression programs, but it is great for storing an entire movie in one file.

However, to use and open this format, you need to download special programs.

How to open MKV

You can open the .mkv format in two simple ways:

  • Using different codecs.
  • With the help of specialized players.

Consider both options in more detail.

Opening with codecs

A codec is a program that can convert a signal. Codecs can encrypt a signal, and can decrypt it. That is, you can open certain files only if you have a codec. Since the .mkv format uses a specific data recording algorithm, it is necessary to install the necessary codec.There are several codec options for viewing information in the .mkv format, but consider only the three most popular codecs:

  • Matroska Splitter. This package of codecs is perfect for opening the format, as well as for manipulating and working with it. Among other things, the codec can work with many other formats besides .mkv, which is a great advantage for users who are looking for codecs for all known formats. The codec is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system and with all versions of popular players. You can always download the codec from the developer. Then just run the installation and follow the instructions, it is not necessary to change something in the installation, if you do not understand.
  • Matroska USSR - a large set of codecs and the necessary files for working not only with the .mkv format, but also with other popular formats. In addition, the codec pack of the USSR also contains popular decoders like the Matroska Splitter and several popular players like the Media Player Classic. This package is perfect for those who want to have everything at once in one package of codecs. You can also download the creators.
  • K-Lite Codec Pack - the most popular set of codecs. Contains a huge number of different codecs to play most formats.This package of codecs is famous for the fact that developers are very careful about the selection of different codecs to avoid conflict between them. Therefore, this package of codecs is very often updated. The package is distributed for free in four versions - Basic, Standard, Full and Mega. In all versions except Basic, there is also a very convenient Media Player Classic player, which supports the absolute majority of multimedia formats, and also has a huge number of settings. You can download and install the codec pack.

Also, if you do not want to download codec packs, it is always possible to simply install specialized players to open the .mkv format.

Opening with special players

Specialized players are designed to open a specific format and work with it as quickly and easily as possible. Consider the two most popular players for the .mkv format:

  • Zoomplayer is a player with closed source code, which is distributed in free and paid versions. The paid version has some advanced options for video and audio output. This player will perfectly replace the standard Windows OS player, as it supports more than one hundred formats and has a simple and friendly interface. However, the disadvantage is that the player does not contain embedded codecs.You can download the player from
  • VLC is one of the most popular cross-platform players that works on almost all versions of any OS. Most codecs are already embedded inside the player. Also, the player supports broadcast video and audio over the Internet. In addition, the program can record streaming video and audio to a computer. You can download the player from.

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