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How to open the keyboard?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
August 18, 2014
How to open the keyboard?

During the operation of the keyboard, it is sometimes necessary to open it in order to clean or replace a broken element. But if the stationary keyboard is not suitable, then the question arises how to enter information into the computer. In this case, use the keyboard on the monitor screen.

Fixed keyboard

In order to open the keyboard you need to prepare the following tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • the cloth;
  • saucer or jar;
  • a piece of paper;
  • handle.


  1. Disconnect the keyboard from the computer. If it has a PS / 2 or AT interface, you should disconnect when the computer is not working, and the USB interface allows you to disable the keyboard when the computer is turned on or off.
  2. If it is necessary to clean the keys, remove each key by pulling it a little towards you.
  3. Then we spread the cloth on the table and turn the keyboard onto it.
  4. Turn off all the screws and put them in a saucer. Since they can be of different lengths, we fix their location on a sheet of paper.
  5. Remove the bottom panel, but at the same time continue to hold the keyboard upside down.
  6. Lift the multilayer film set and remove all the pushers and put them in a jar.
  7. We unscrew the screws that hold the printed circuit board (the screws can also be placed on top, in which case they turn out in the third stage) and remove the set of films.
  8. If you are afraid to forget the sequence of extracting all the elements, you can write it on a piece of paper, and then assemble the keyboard using this data.
  9. This way you can open the keyboard. If you need to clean the keyboard, information about cleaning can be found in the article How to clean the keyboard.

Virtual keyboard

A virtual keyboard is a keyboard that opens on the screen of your monitor and is controlled with a mouse or a special joystick. In this case, you can also change the print language, font styles and size.

In order to open the on-screen keyboard on the monitor screen, you can use one of the options.

Option 1

  1. Go to the "Start" menu or press the win button on the keyboard.
  2. In this menu, select the "All Programs" section and in the window that opens, look for "Standard",in which is the folder “Special features”. In the list that opens, select the on-screen keyboard.

Option 2

If the first option does not fit, you can try to open the virtual keyboard in the following way:

  1. Press win on the keyboard and the e button (the Latin alphabet) or go to "My Computer".
  2. Go to the folder "Windows" in the system32 folder, you must select the file osk.exe.
  3. Then run this file.

Thus, using the above recommendations, you can open the stationary keyboard for cleaning and repair, as well as open the on-screen keyboard to enter information into the computer.


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