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How to collect things?

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How to collect things?

Moving to a new place of residence is a rather big everyday problem. It is important to think over all the details, so that nothing is forgotten and not lost. Let's talk about how to properly collect things for the move.

What you need to move

So, for the move you will need:

  • cardboard boxes of different sizes;
  • durable adhesive tape;
  • wrapping paper or newspapers;
  • cardboard sheets;
  • soft fabric;
  • flannel;
  • air bubble film;
  • plastic and plastic bags;
  • marker (to sign packed boxes).

Packing stage

Do not proceed immediately to the packaging of fragile products. First of all, collect and fold small things: clothes, books, bed linen.

Pack all items from cabinets, mezzanines. Bedding, curtains, tablecloth, as well as other items of fabric can be collected in a plastic bag. Do not forget to write on the packages. So you will know that where lies.

Pack the securities, documents, money, jewelry separately and always keep with you. You also need to collect separately all drugs.

How to pack books

To pack books, put them in a small pile (ten to fifteen pieces) and roll them into thick paper. Due to this, the soft corners of books will not be confused. Brochures can also be packaged in small piles. It is desirable that their height does not exceed forty five centimeters. Carefully place all of this in a cardboard box.

Remember that a packaged box should weigh no more than thirty kilograms. Empty places in the box can be filled with crumpled paper, flannel or bubble wrap. All boxes must be sealed with strong tape.

Packing clothes and shoes

Shoes and clothes (summer, winter or off-season) should be packed in a suitcase or travel bag. If there are things that are undesirable to knead, they can be protected with plastic or fabric covers.

It is undesirable to pack books and clothes with fatty and coloring matter. Household appliances and food products also need to be folded separately. And do not keep fragile objects with sharp ones.

How to pack kitchen utensils

Kitchenware (sharp objects) is better to wrap in a thick cardboard.How to pack kitchen utensilsArrange them in a box so that they cannot damage it. Cover the bottom of the box with old newspapers or foam.In order not to break the dishes, wrap it in paper or newspaper. Put heavier items on the bottom of the box and light ones up. To avoid damaging the surface of pots or pans, they can also be wrapped in paper.

Packaging of furniture and equipment

Furniture, appliances and large items must be packaged last. If possible, disassemble the furniture. Wrap the panels with a bubble wrap and fold them into large boxes. If you can not disassemble the furniture, then all the doors, drawers must be glued with adhesive tape so that when they move they could not open. Pack the paintings and mirrors in cardboard sheets and wrap with tape.

As for household appliances, it must be packaged carefully. A few days before the move you need to defrost the refrigerator. It is desirable to fold all the equipment in its native packaging, put the necessary documents and fix it with foam plastic. If you use a non-store box, be sure to indicate the top and bottom of the item.

Useful tips

  • Start collecting items a few days before the move. This will prevent panic.
  • Do not start packing things if there is no packaging material.That is, first of all purchase durable adhesive tape, big bags, boxes, etc.To pack
  • Substances that are easily flammable - solvents, varnishes - must be packaged separately.
  • Before packing the furniture, it is advisable to clean it.
  • For strength, the box can be tied with a rope.
  • In the process of packing things, it is important to think over all the details so as not to forget anything.
  • To transport animals, it is better to purchase a special cage.
  • Very carefully it is necessary to approach the choice of transport companies. They must be reliable and proven. Check to ensure that employees of the company compiled a list of transported things. All documents must be properly executed, taking into account the material liability of the carrier. This will avoid unexpected costs.

Now you know how to properly collect things for the move.


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