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How to pick up sunglasses and earrings

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses + Yellow Gold Earrings

Stylish color sunglasses "under the turtle" will make even the most economical couple from the mass market look like an expensive designer accessory. Gold accessories are suitable for such a spectacular model due to the fact that the turtle print refers to a warm range of shades, and in some versions is altogether like an illustration of a solar eclipse.

How to pick up sunglasses and earrings

Earrings SL, yellow gold (order)H & M glasses (799 rub.)

Sunglasses-cats + silver earrings with quartz

This season, at the peak of fashion, there will be narrow glasses, as we used to wear in the 90s, and “father’s” square, mother’s round or futuristic, as if not from the past, but from the future. As soon as you look at your model, pick up to her and earrings with the same exciting design on the theme of planets and space travel.

How to pick up sunglasses and earrings

Earrings SL, silver, quartz (to order)llesteva glasses (£ 134)

Sunglasses in plastic frame + silver earrings with enamel

In the ears - the rhythms of the grunge, and in the eyes - the very iconic sunglasses in a thick frame. If you remember, at school we wore not only white, but also frames of acid shades, hair dyed with colored lacquers, and we didn’t bother with jewelry at all: the more and the more colorful, the better! If you really nostalgic for such a beautiful time, then in the summer for this is the best time.

How to pick up sunglasses and earrings

Earrings "VIP 2000", silver, quartz (to order)Mango glasses (1 699 rub.)

Mirrored sunglasses + gold earrings with amethysts

Colored glass and colored stones are our invariable favorites for the coming months. Just as it is difficult to choose one precious or semiprecious stone, when there are a lot of them and they are all beautiful, it is equally difficult to determine the tint of glasses for glasses, because if earlier the mirror model was in the same range, now there are a lot of them with pink and purple , yellow, green, blue or gray.

How to pick up sunglasses and earrings

Maskom earrings, pink gold, amethysts (order)Roxy glasses (4 990 rub.)

Aviator sunglasses + gold earrings with topaz and diamonds

The model of sunglasses "aviator" is called universal and ever relevant. "Aviators" can even be attributed to those accessories that are bought in half with a boyfriend.It’s good that at least we don’t share earrings with the opposite sex yet and these jewelery treasures are our sole wealth.

How to pick up sunglasses and earrings

Earrings SL, white gold, topaz, diamonds (order)WEB glasses ($ 160)

Mirror sunglasses + gold earrings with sapphires and diamonds

If the beige color in clothes fits all and is considered one of the most noble ones, does this rule also apply to sunglasses? Pay attention to this model: it is sustained in a cold scale due to the muffled sand color of the frame and the silver color of the lenses, which means that the best accessories for it will be in white gold or in silver with transparent stones or crystals.


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