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How to pile wool?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 4, 2013
How to pile wool?

This article discusses how to pile a toy out of wool. Consider the technology on the example of creating a "crocodile". There are two ways of felting wool, dry and wet. Here is the wet way of felting toys. This method is more popular because it is the fastest.

To make the "Crocodile" you will need:

  • wool for felting
  • laminate substrate
  • soap solution
  • felting needle
  • two beads
  • acrylic paint.


  1. First you have to make a toy pattern. We draw a crocodile on a substrate under the laminate, taking into account allowances, because it will be slightly less than the pattern. Now lay the wool upright.
  2. Then in the horizontal direction, lay out another layer of wool. And moisten with soapy water.
  3. Having smoothed over, turn the part to the other side.
  4. Fold all the edges of the wool to the middle of the pattern, add a little wool in the middle.
  5. Now make a pattern on the back, lay out the light green wool, and lay the wool darker below. Then make a strip of dark green color, from tail to head.Moisten with mortar, smooth, and turn over to the other side. Make the same picture from this side.
  6. Cover the toy with a film and wipe the wool well, you can optionally walk with a grinding machine. As long as the wool does not pile on the surface of the toy well, do not stop doing it.
  7. To pull the pattern out of the toy, you need to cut the crocodile abdomen. Now in the towel start to roll the pelt for your toy, as usual with wet felting. The skin should sit well and be respected to the desired size. Then fill it with padding polyester or wool.
  8. You got such a blank, wet felting toys allows you to make a basis for the toy very quickly, making the surface well lumped. When the base of the toy is ready, take a needle for felting, bend the edges of the incision in the middle of the abdomen and roll them to the tummy, if necessary, add some wool. Next, you need to finish the legs with a needle, make the final shape of the nose, make room for the peepholes. Again, moisten with soapy water and add a crocodile in your hands so that the junction points are not visible. Bend you need to attach the tip of the nose and tail.And leave to dry completely.
  9. After drying, sew on the eyes (beads), paint the pupils on them with black acrylic paint and make dots on the face, and paint the teeth. To make your eyes shine you need to cover them with clear nail polish.

You have learned how to pile wool with a wet method. Crocodile ready, and turned out very nice. Now you know that interesting toys can be knitted from wool.


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