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How to play blackjack?

The card game Blackjack within the online casino provides for a deck of cards of 52 units. Only one player and croupier takes part in it. To defeat a casino - online, you must have more points than the dealer of the institution, but not more than 21 points. Thus, you can have on hand 20, 19, 18, etc. points, and your number of points exceeds the dealership. Another important nuance is that before each card is dealt a new deck is taken. Before you play blackjack, you must know the advantages of all the cards that participate in this game.

Card benefits

An ace in a classic blackjack can give a player both one point and 11. If a player gets an ace in a classic game, he can change his dignity from eleven to one, or from one to eleven. Thus, thanks to the ace, both a soft card layout and a hard one can appear on the gaming table. In the first case, the ace is equal to eleven, and in the second - the ace is equal to one. Moreover, in the case of a soft scenario, an ace and 6 form “soft” 17 on the table, and with a hard one, ace and 10 and 6 form “hard” 17.

Cards, ranging from two to ten, have the same advantage as the face value of cards.At ten points at the time of the game will bring each jack, king or queen.

Blackjack Betting

If you play blackjack online, you can choose one of the boxes at the gaming table, that is, you will make one bet. If you want to expand your opportunities and not waste time in vain, then choose several boxes at the table to play alone with the dealer of each of them. Thus, the essence of the game does not change, but if you are a high-spirited player with a fairly large game experience, then, of course, you should choose the second option. Each casino has its own betting range in this game, the maximum of which, in any case, should not be exceeded. After you have made a bet, the game begins.

Beginning of the game

The dealer deals out 2 cards each, both to the player and himself. The second card from those that the dealer has, opens them and puts it on the table - its face value is visible to the player. In the event of such an outcome of the game, when the player immediately after the first distribution has 2 cards, giving a total of 21 points, the game ends with the player's victory, because he got BlackJack, but on condition that the dealer does not have 21 points (he shows your cards to the player).In case of winning by a player, the amount calculated in three to two falls on his account. The dealer can offer the player after the distribution of two cards to pay for his bet one-on-one, but only if the second card of the dealer is an ace. You, as a player, can either accept the dealer's offer, or refuse it, after which he opens his first card. If after that, the dealer has a BlackJack on hand, then the player returns the bet, but is not paid 1: 1.

Player blackjack

Experienced players know that BlackJack will not work if, after the first deal, they don’t have tens or an ace in their hands, that is, the dealer has dealt simple cards to them. Although, if a player plays blackjack for free, he doesn’t have much difference at what point a blackjack combination will appear on his hands, and whether it will appear at all. This game is necessary for novice players who do not yet know the rules of Blackjack, are not familiar with the nuances and subtleties of the gameplay. If the player in the first hand fell into the hands of cards of the highest value, then he has a chance to collect BlackJack. Provided that at the table in all boxes the cards are opened and the dealer showed his pair of cards.

Dealer blackjack

Players have the opportunity to secure their bets if the dealer opened his second card, which turned out to be an ace.This means that the casino employee has a chance to get BlackJack. In order to insure your bets, you must click on the appropriate button - this is "Insurance", thereby making a half bet from the original one. In the case when the croupier collects BlackJack, the player receives a win on the second bet, which is paid as 2: 1. It should be noted that all other variants of the game are not a reason to pay the insurance rate.

Rejection of the bet and its doubling

If you have bet, but the dealer has dealt bad cards to you, then you can refuse to continue the game by taking half of the previous bet. "Rescue" can only be before the game, but not at its moment. Such actions Blackjack (rules) prohibits if the dealer has an ace on the hand after the first hand.

The player is allowed to double the bet before the game starts, when good cards came to his hands. This operation requires payment of an additional percentage. After that, the player can take only one card. According to the rules of the game, doubling is possible. If with two cards in hand, the player has only 11 points. After Split, the bet does not double.

Split and brute force

If during the distribution of cards, the player has two equal cards, for example, two kings or two jacks, then the player can split these cards into 2 hands. In the future, he will play two hands, following the rules of the game of blackjack, which prohibit to fold or double the stakes in such a game. It is forbidden, using the RS1 button, to do a split. When Split, which consists of two aces, the player can take another card in each of two hands, but in this case, he must score 21 points on each hand to make BlackJack. When a player picks up the amount of 21 points on one hand, the transition to the other hand is made. In the absence of a sufficient amount of points, the player is allowed to take an additional card or stop. In the case of busting the player loses - his bet goes to the casino.

The player has the right to stop if he does not have 21 points, after which the sum of points is fixed. After the dealer's cards are opened, the sum of his points and the player is compared - the result will be either a win or a player’s loss. An additional card may be taken by players if he has not scored 21 points.


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