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How to pray to God?

Prayer is an integral part of the life of every believer. And today we will talk about how the representatives of the three world religions pray.

Prayer in Orthodox Christianity

Prayer in Christianity is a dialogue between man and God. The believer, through prayer, turns to God with various requests, and also asks for forgiveness for his sins. In Christianity, it is believed that you need to pray not only when a person has trouble, but every day it is desirable to find time to talk with God. As St. Gregory the Theologian says: “It is necessary to remember about God more often than to breathe.”

Generally, there are no strict rules on how to pray to God. The clergy advised to pray to the laity as if they were talking to God. Everyone can pray in his own way - as best he can. The main thing is that prayer should come from the heart. Do not deceive or conceal anything that is in your heart. Try to be humble in prayer and then God will hear you.

The outward manifestation of prayer is folded hands together at chest level.

In addition to dialogue, there are many prayers addressed to God.The most important is “Our Father”. Every believer should read it at least once a day. After the prayer, it is customary to say: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Devotees believe that the shorter the appeal, the more effective it is. Therefore, if it is difficult for you to memorize long prayers, then it will be enough to say, turning to God, “Lord, have mercy,” or “God, be merciful to me, a sinner.” You need to repeat these words until they touch your heart.

In the church, it is customary to pray in front of the icon, depicting the face of the saint to whom you refer. To make the prayer more effective, you can light a wax candle purchased at a church shop.

How Namaz is done in Islam

The creation of all living beings in Islam is the prerogative of Allah, therefore, it is considered a sin to depict living beings and moreover to worship them. For this reason, only ornamental ornaments and patterns are present in the Mosque.

Muslims give great visual importance to prayer besides its internal content. According to regulations, namaz must be performed five times a day. Namaz is a prayer during which Muslims perform ritual movements in a certain order.

External actions play a big role and must be strictly executed.For example, standing in prayer should be straight, and socks should not look in different directions. Hands should be held in a certain way, while bending the knees should be straight, they should not bend.

In Islam, there are prayers that can be performed without preparation and ritual. For example, a prayer, when you visit a patient, a prayer after eating, at the entrance to a house and a mosque, a prayer when going to the toilet, etc.

It is very important, when you pray, to fully concentrate on what you say. A prayer should have the feeling that Allah is watching him. If there is no mosque in the vicinity, then it is permitted to pray everywhere, regardless of the position of the believer.

It is believed that it is necessary to perform namaz sincerely and with all my heart, then Allah will accept it.

How Buddhists pray

Initially, there was no prayer as such in the teachings of Buddhism, but over time, representatives of certain areas of Mahayana and Vajrayana began to offer their prayers to Bodhisattvas. They ask the Bodhisattvas for deliverance from suffering, help to all living beings, and the attainment of enlightenment.

The followers of some Vajrayana schools use a special prayer mill for prayer,inside of which is a piece of paper with a prayer. Each turn of the mill is equivalent to reading a prayer.

And in Amida, also known as Pure Land Buddhism, people offer their prayers to Buddha Amida (the original Buddha). They believe that only he can help get into the pure land, getting rid of suffering.


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