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How to protect your home from pigeons?

Pigeons are cute and good-natured birds. But sometimes they gather in flocks on the balcony and begin to interfere with the normal life of the owners of the home. Is it possible to somehow protect your property from such uninvited guests? Of course you can! Find out the most effective ways.

Causes of

Why do pigeons appear at all? At least just because they like your home and seem comfortable. For example, if you have a lot of flowers on your balcony, then this place may seem extremely cozy for birds. In addition, pigeons usually live near feeding areas, so if there is a lot of rubbish in the yard of your house, do not be surprised that there are a lot of birds in the district, because it is very convenient for them to live here.

Should I get rid of pigeons?

If you think that you can tolerate such neighbors as pigeons, you are mistaken. Firstly, these birds are very noisy and produce quite loud characteristic sounds, sometimes sometimes at night or early in the morning. And if they start running around the metal roof of the balcony, you will certainly learn about it.Secondly, pigeons are sloppy. They absolutely do not care where they empty the intestines, and they may well do it on your balcony, and quite often.

Are you sure you will put up with it? And finally, thirdly, these birds can be carriers of infections, sometimes very dangerous. They often feed on wastes, in which, of course, a variety of pathogenic microorganisms live. And you can become infected by going to the balcony barefoot, or by touching the railing on which the pigeons walked.

How to deal with pigeons?

How can you get rid of pigeons? We offer several ways.

We block all the moves

The most obvious and effective way to fight is the overlap of all moves. For example, if you want to get rid of pigeons on the balcony, just glaze it and equip all the frames with mosquito nets. If pigeons have chosen your private house, then certainly put the lattice in the chimney, close all the ventilation grilles, and also do not forget to close the windows. In addition, openings can be blocked with a mosquito net. Doors curtain curtains with weighting, their birds can not overcome.

Special tools and devices

People have been fighting with pigeons for quite some time, so that geniuses managed to invent a lot of tools used to scare away these birds. Here are some of them:

  1. Ultrasonic repeller. Such a device has become quite popular and is actively used to combat pests, including birds. This device makes sounds that are not perceived by the human organs of hearing, but on the other hand scare other living beings, including pigeons. Some ultramodern devices are equipped with motion sensors and start working only when the birds are approaching. The area of ​​impact of the ultrasonic repeller can reach 4 kilometers, so that the uninvited guests just will not fly to you. But in order to get rid of them forever, turn on the device periodically for the purpose of prevention, even if there are no pigeons nearby.
  2. Bioacoustic scarers work in much the same way as ultrasound. The principle of their operation is also based on noise, but not only ultrasound. Also the device makes sounds of hunting of some birds, such as ravens, hawks, falcons, eagles and so on. If the pigeons hear the voices of predators, they will definitely not risk approaching.Modern bioacoustic scarers can have several modes of operation, which can be configured either manually or automatically. And in the ports and berths they install devices of this type, working on solar batteries and having an impact zone of up to several hectares.
  3. Insecticides. The birds are not as stupid as it seems at first glance, and if they see that several individuals have died in their habitat, they will certainly draw conclusions and change their place of deployment. Of course, the use of poisons is a completely non-humane and non-hygienic method of control, because birds will die, and, perhaps, right next to your home or even directly in it.
  4. Anti-landing devices. They are sold in hardware stores and look like struts, spike ribbons or protruding spokes that are designed to stop pigeons from landing. Such devices can be installed both on the roof of a private house, and on the windowsill or on the balcony.
  5. Adhesives. You can buy them in the household or hardware store. The composition should be lubricated with the surface of the site, loved by birds.As a result, when they arrive, they will begin to stick and slide during the movements, which, of course, they will not like.

Homemade options

To combat pigeons, it is possible to use folk remedies, as well as hand-made accessories.

A few ideas:

  • Pigeons do not like sharp smells, and this feature can be used against them. Try sprinkling surfaces where birds often gather, such as red, black, or cayenne pepper. Other seasonings are also suitable. In addition, it is possible to process places of pigeon accumulation with garlic, essential oils with a pronounced odor. Try using sharp-smelling herbs such as mint, basil, oregano and some others.
  • Pigeons are not the most agile birds, therefore, for example, they can not be held on slippery surfaces. Use it against them and lubricate the area of ​​accumulation with oil. Having arrived here a couple of times, birds will feel discomfort and, most likely, will choose another more convenient place.
  • If pigeons have chosen your window sill, then this is not a problem either. Just stretch a few wires, ribbons or a wood over it. Birds will not be able to land and fly away.
  • Pigeons are afraid of water, or rather, falling into it. And if you pour them from a bucket or better from a hose several times in a row, they will surely leave the chosen place, since they will not want to face such a nuisance anymore.
  • Scarecrow. This method is old and proven, but not always effective. Homemade scarecrows installed in the gardens of our grandparents. But what if the pigeons settled on the balcony or on the windowsill? You can place in this place a stuffed bird of some kind, preferably a predatory one. But this method cannot be called effective, as pigeons can stop being afraid of a predator when they find out that it remains stationary. In this case, the scarecrow will have to be replaced.
  • You can make a homemade repeller. This will require several old and unnecessary CDs, fishing line, as well as tin or aluminum cans, a pair of nails, a hammer and a thick needle. In the banks will need to make holes. Next, string on the line alternately discs and jars using a needle. Get something like beads. Stretch them around the perimeter of the balcony or over the windowsill and fix them with nails. Noise emitted by individual parts of the device, as well as reflections of the surface arising in the sun, will scare pigeons.
  • On the balcony or near the window you can hang a "dream catcher", he will also scare away uninvited guests.

Professional assistance

If all of the above methods and tools turned out to be ineffective, then contact a special pest control service specializing in the elimination of birds.

Let the pigeons do not interfere with your life!

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