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How to push during childbirth?

Natural and controlled attempts

There are two types of attempts:
- natural;
- managed.Attempts are an arbitrary contraction of the muscles of the abdominal wall, which feels like urges to defecate.
With natural attempts, the whole process is not controlled or controlled by anyone. Your attitude and composure is very important here. Just breathe and relax. To begin with, imagine that you are a flower bud that is currently starting to blossom. Between contractions, try to take deep and calm breaths, relax your body and give yourself a little rest. Listen to your body and do not be nervous.
With controlled attempts, the whole process is controlled by a doctor. He tells you when to push, and when to rest. Most often, such attempts are less effective. Because mom gets tired quickly enough, they are too slow, and as a result, the baby begins to suffer. In addition, often in the process of controlled attempts, breaks occur, and doctors make an incision in the perineum - an episiotomy.

The choice of posture during the attempts

In the process of trying, freedom of choice is very important. Take those poses in which you are most comfortable. For the first birth, the vertical position is considered correct. This position contributes to the tilt of the coccyx 3 cm back, thereby leaving free space for the crumbs. In addition, the vertical position helps the baby to smoothly move to the "exit", eliminating the chance of crotch tissue breaks. In this case, the law of attraction, which provokes natural attempts.
When vain in a horizontal position, it is recommended to take a position in which the feet are just below the pelvis. In such a position, the force of attraction will help accelerate the generic activity. After that, take a deep breath and hold your breath. Then within 5-6 seconds, begin to intensively push the abdominal muscles on top of the uterus, then exhale smoothly and repeat this action. During one natural attempt you have to push 4-6 times.Remember! Rehearsing attempts is necessary in half strength.
You can rehearse this process in advance. To do this, sit down on the floor, lean on your back on the sofa or pillow, note the time (1 minute) and proceed.Note that it is necessary to strain the muscles that are located above the uterus. Put your hand on your stomach and try to feel them.

How to breathe when trying

Sit back, you need to take a deep breath. Holding your breath and straining your abdominal muscles, you should smoothly increase the pressure on the bottom. Then you need to exhale slowly and take another deep breath. Without a break for rest should begin again to push. During the full attempts to repeat all these steps 3 times.
Then you should take a deep breath and a slow, quiet exhale, and then rest. When the head of the crumbs will be born, you need to start breathing "like a dog."
Most importantly, do not be afraid and listen to the advice of the medical staff. Do not shout, relax, tune in to a positive, and everything will go well for you and for your baby.

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