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How to put green shadows

You will need
  • - applicator / brush.
To make the green color of eye shadow harmoniously fit into your look, carefully select shades and texture depending on skin color, eyes, age and, of course, color of clothes. The currently existing diverse palette of green shadows makes it possible to use muted and light shades in the make-up, as well as deep and saturated colors. Pearlescent and matte, dry and liquid - such a variety of textures of shadows gives you a chance to show your imagination, taste and sense of your own style.
Applythe shadowscan be in various ways. If necessary, pre-use the foundation, leveling the surface of the skin, and loose powder. For a light day makeup enough to imposethe shadowsonly on the upper eyelid along the lash line. You can use a pencil or eyeliner in gray, brown, greenish shades. Do not put dark tones on the inner corner of the eye. This makes the look a little gruff. Start overlaythe shadowsfrom the outer corner of the eyelid, gradually approaching the inner.
Be sure to consider the texture. Mattethe shadowsbeautifully and subtly set off your eyes, regardless of the time of day, and pearlescent will reflect daylight and emphasize the condition of the skin of your eyelids.
In the evening make-up, use brighter and more saturated colors. Both the pearl liquid consistency of the shadows and thethe shadowssequined and drythe shadowsbright or deep tones. The combination of light green and dark green shades looks very impressive.
Apply the lightest tone of the shadows under the eyebrows, and the darkest - on the entire upper eyelid and blend in the direction of the temple. Then on the middle part of the century, apply bright greenthe shadows, also gently shading them. If desired, select the eye contour with a pencil or eyeliner. Similarly, paint the lower eyelid. This makeup option is quite versatile: it is suitable for both dark and bright eyes.
Follow the basic rule of good makeup - the right combination of cold and warm shades of all its elements and moderation, which will make you really attractive. For example, emeraldthe shadowsfor the eyelids go well with both the classic black and brown tones of the mascara for the eyelids, and with violet hues. At the same time, the spectrum of lipstick tones extends from natural to bright lilac. Do not forget about blush. Soft natural tones are suitable for warm green shades of shadows, and soft pink or golden peach shades are more suitable for bright herbal.
When using dry shadows, pay attention to the wet method of their application, which will help you to create a bright and unique image, for example, for a party or a disco. So,the shadowsput the applicator, previously moistened in water, and shade, before they had time to dry. Applied in this way, they last longer, maintaining the brightness of the color.

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