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How to quickly grow nails?

To your nails were beautiful, strong and the envy of all long for them you need to constantly and regularly care for. This should be an integrated approach to care, and then after a while you can become a happy owner of natural long nails.

So how to quickly grow your nails? To accelerate their growth and strengthen them, you need to nourish them with cream, do a massage, bath, and monitor their diet. Let us consider in more detail the various methods and methods.


  1. Warm baths of salt and iodine will strengthen your nails and will promote their rapid growth. To prepare the bath, take 1 cup of warm water, add 1 tbsp there. l salt and add 5-7 drops of iodine. Dip the tips of the fingers into this solution so that the nails are completely immersed and hold for 10-15 minutes. Perform this procedure daily and soon you will see the result.
  2. Lemon will help you not only significantly accelerate the growth of your nails, but also whiten them and give them a healthy color. For such a bath you need one lemon. Cut it in half.One half will be for nails on the right hand, the second - on the left hand. Dip clean nails in the pulp of the lemon and hold them there for 2 - 3 minutes. The more often you do this, the better.
  3. Tray of sea salt. In half a liter of warm water dissolve 1 tbsp. l sea ​​salt. Dip your nails in this solution for 15 to 20 minutes. After the procedure, wipe your hands dry and lubricate them with a moisturizer. Apply more cream on the cuticle and the nails themselves.
  4. As a bath you can make a healthy decoction of herbs. For the broth you need 2 tbsp. l finished sweep chamomile, St. John's wort and burdock root. This mixture must be poured into 1 tbsp. boiling water, stir and let it brew. Dip your fingers in the broth for 10 - 15 minutes. It is recommended to do this bath 2 times a week.
  5. Another bath with lemon. Squeeze 1 tbsp. l lemon juice and add 5 - 7 drops of iodine. Do this bath every day for 15 - 20 minutes.
  6. Tray of glycerin, vegetable oil and iodine. Mix 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil, 3 drops of iodine and 5 drops of glycerin. Dip your nails in the resulting solution for 5 minutes. After completing the procedure, lubricate the nails and cuticle cream.

As you have already noticed, iodine is used to prepare many baths. It helps to strengthen the nails, prevents their splitting and accelerates growth.It can be used in its pure form. Cover your nails with iodine, as varnish for the night. Initially, your nails will be yellow, but do not worry, by the morning they will find their normal color.

Do not forget to use moisturizers. This is one of the most important stages on the way to long healthy nails. Moisturizer nourishes the skin around the nail and supplies the nail plate with the necessary substances.

In addition, your nails simply need vitamins. It is possible to receive them both from the external environment and with the help of food. It is recommended to eat foods containing vitamins A, B, C, as well as calcium and iron. To do this, include in your diet jelly, cheese, cottage cheese, fish. And as for vitamins, buy vitamins A and E at the pharmacy, as a rule, they are sold in capsule form, and massage them into the skin around the nail daily before going to bed with massage movements.

Also, we are ready to give you some more useful tips on how to quickly grow nails.

  1. Protect your marigolds from excessive exposure to water and chemicals, i.e. do housework with gloves on.
  2. Arrange rest for your nails: at least 2 times a year for 2 weeks do not paint them. Allow your nail plates to breathe and gain strength.
  3. In addition to all procedures, nails need to properly file. Choose a fine-grained nail file made of glass, paper or plastic. Do not use iron files. And while filing, move the nail file in one direction so as not to disturb the structure of the nail.
  4. Buy in a pharmacy lacquer, which is called "Smart enamel." It is well balanced elements necessary for makeup nails. This varnish will strengthen your nails and accelerate their growth.

Following these simple tips, you can quickly grow nails. How to do it at home you now know.


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