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How to quickly master the basics of accounting?

Good day. I was faced with the need for the shortest time to master the accounting department of my husband's company, since it is too expensive for him to maintain an individual employee. Unfortunately, the task seems more than difficult. Of course, a specialist gives confidence, but now is the time when you need to save once again. The husband told me that the main thing is to understand only those aspects that concern our company for normal activities and it is not necessary to finish the university. Please advise me how to figure it out in order to get to practice as soon as possible. And then the spouse on a business trip, and you need to start as soon as possible. Thank you.
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Answered 3 March 12:10
Good afternoon. First, let's define, or rather, you will determine what kind of enterprise you have, how big / small your business is, registration of your company IP or LLC. The principles of accounting here are very different and differ according to complexity. In principle, anyone can understand accounting, but you need to practice hard.
Answered 3 March 12:38
Ale, now there are a lot of online courses for studying accounting. If only, as they say, desire. It is only necessary to always remember that now the punishment for irresponsible business conduct is very serious. I do not intimidate you in any way, because my brother and his dad successfully work as an accountant, and he is only 21 years old. The turnover of the company, by the way, exceeded one million (I know as a former accountant). Personally, it did not suit me, too much responsibility. But if you really need, then everything will turn out.
Answered 3 March 13:11
Hello. In my opinion, you will have to wait for a satisfying answer for a long time. I understood everything myself: with the help of the Internet, my acquaintances, people who were strangers to me. Now she has already hired normal specialists, and it turned out that she herself learned from them and shared something with them. I do not regret the time spent, but still it is a long and tedious path. My advice to you is to hire an accountant at least part time. It is necessary that at least at the beginning of the case was supervised by a specialist. In general, the Internet can be a good alternative, because you don’t need to hire anyone and do not reinvent the bicycle yourself.

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