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How to quit drugs?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
April 13, 2012
How to quit drugs?

It is worth saying that the problem of drug addiction in our time is particularly relevant. However, it is impossible to clearly tell how to quit drugs. There is no concrete plan, because everything is very individual and depends on each specific case. The most important thing is the desire and willpower. These two qualities must be present necessarily.

How to quit drugs: recommendations

  1. Take care of business. Get started: get a job, find a fascinating hobby, join an organization, read a book or play a guitar. Make it so that in your life there is no time in which you would have nothing to do. Often the urge to drug arises from idleness.
  2. Religion. Very many are turning to religion. We will not discuss which religion is “correct” and which is not. Listen to your heart. The most important thing is that religion helps people in difficult times. Whether it is drugs that destroy a person, war, or imprisonment in "places not so remote." Religion can answer many questions and maintain a person’s morale.
  3. Set a goal. Set a global goal in your life. Let it be something like: “To become a respected person and make a million,” “To become a person who will help people” (this can be both a doctor and a priest). Think about what you want to achieve, having lived your life. Set a goal to go for most of your life. A person without a goal is much easier to return to drug use.
  4. And most importantly, contact the experts! Regardless of your condition and the severity of the drugs used, there is always a point in contacting professionals in this matter. You may need a heartfelt conversation with a psychologist who can motivate you sufficiently. Or maybe you should undergo a rehabilitation course in narcology. Anyway, contact the people who are facing such problems every day.

Believe that you will succeed. And you will surely reach the goal.


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