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How to raise a kitten?

A lot of people, starting a kitten, are completely not engaged in his education in consequence. They think that all the necessary qualities will come to him, somehow, by themselves. Needless to say, they are deeply mistaken? Now we will tell you how to raise a kitten, tell you all about the main points that should be paid attention to in the process of raising a pet.

How to raise a kitten

First rule

Remember the first golden rule: in no case do not let your kitten do absolutely everything he wants. From the outset, do not let it scratch, leave a tightness on your clothes, or even just climb onto your shoulder. Remember that as an adult, the pet will do the same. Agree, it is not very pleasant when a huge fat cat, scratching you, climbs onto your shoulders.

Rule two

Do not apply physical strength to the kitten so that it does not. However, influence the intonation of your voice. If you hit your kitten at least once or just roughly grab him by the scruff of the neck, it can ruin your relationship with him forever. However, do not be lazy in any particular situation, say loudly, for example: "You can not!".This can work much better than, say, slap on the pope. Try to wean your kitten biting as early as possible. It is clear that a small, not painfully biting lump of wool is very cute. However, after years, the habit will remain, and bites will no longer be so painless.

Rule Three

Sooner or later, your kitten will begin to rip off the furniture and wallpaper with claws. It makes no sense to forbid him or try to wean from such an instinct. Just buy a special board in the store, which is created for this purpose. Thus, you can maintain excellent relations with your pet, as well as your furniture safe and sound. Take the kitten's paws and imitate the scratching movements right on the board. Do this several times, and your kitten will understand what's what.

Fourth rule

Use the carrot and stick method. If, for example, your kitten has broken an expensive vase, influence him with your intonation. However, after a while, caress him. Do not shout at him all day. Do not forget also that the behavior of a kitten, which you like, should definitely be encouraged.

Fifth Rule

Many owners do not like it when a cat is begging for refreshments during the meal of family members. To avoid such situations, feed the kitten before you sit at the table. Fed, take to the next room and take something. Very soon it will become a habit of a kitten and he, already an adult cat, will not be persistently begging for food from guests and family members.

Sixth rule

Perhaps this does not really concern education, but it would be ugly not to say that calendula, tulips, gladioli, ivy and lily of the valley are very dangerous, poisonous plants for your kittens. Make sure that these flowers are out of reach for your little pets.

Now you know how to raise a kitten. We wish you to receive from this only pleasure.


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