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How to reduce pdf?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
October 28, 2014
How to reduce pdf?

PDF is a file format that allows you to convert information into a graphic format, while pursuing several goals:

  • copy protection;
  • reducing the size of the source file;
  • optimization of documents for electronic exchange;
  • Save all formatting styles when printing.

Thus, the files stored in this format have several advantages, which makes them very easy to use. However, despite the small size of the documents, there are several options for how to reduce the weight of the pdf file.

PDF shrinking software

To programmatically edit PDF files, download the program. You can also use additional programs by reading the instructions for their use in the article How to edit a PDF document.

To shrink a PDF document, use the following options:

  1. File - save as another - a reduced size PDF file;
  2. File - save as another - optimized PDF file.

You should be aware that as a result of such actions the graphic elements in the document may deteriorate in quality.

Third-party methods to reduce PDF documents

To reduce the size of the PDF file, you can also use one of the following methods:

  • the use of converters;
  • use of online tools;
  • use of archivers;
  • Reformatting a file into MW program formats and back.

There are several popular converters, for example: or - the use of these programs will not only create, but also reduce the size of the pdf file.

You can also use the popular online service: - just drag the file to the specified area from the desktop and wait for it to be processed on the website.

The file can also be compressed by popular archivers: or. These programs also compress PDF document size well.

Rather tricky way associated with the program Microsoft Word. To shrink a PDF file, save it in .doc or .docx format, and then convert it to .pdf format again. This method will also reduce the volume of the document.


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