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How to remove a virus from the phone?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
July 25, 2014
How to remove a virus from the phone?

Typically, people do not particularly think about the security of their phone software. However, the phone is subject to virus attacks in the same way as a computer or laptop. Our article will tell you how to remove a virus from your phone.

Virus removal on the phone: instructions

  1. Virus can be removed using antivirus programs that are installed on your computer or laptop. First you need to make sure that your PC or laptop is not infected. If everything is in order, then you can connect the phone.
  2. After connecting, do not open any folders. In the "My Computer" menu, right-click on the phone icon and perform an operation to scan for viruses using an antivirus program. Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Avast are well suited. It is necessary to check and delete all dangerous objects several times, following the instructions of the antivirus program.
  3. After cleaning the phone from viruses, you need to return its settings. Surely you will find that some files are missing. This means that they were infected and posed a danger to the telephone system.
  4. After that, you need to worry about installing or updating anti-virus software (software) on your phone.

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