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How to remove age spots?

Pigmented spots are a cosmetic defect that many people face. The causes of this phenomenon may be many, but this is not easier for man. After all, pigment spots are often difficult to mask. However, you can remove them altogether: the methods that will help to cope with this cosmetic defect will be described below.

How to remove age spots with the help of folk remedies

It is possible to cope with pigment spots on the hands and face with the help of folk remedies. As a rule, they lighten the skin and the imperfections become less noticeable.

Dill lotion

Dill lotion can remove age spots, but it is suitable only for oily skin. To prepare this tool, you will need the following ingredients;

  • 50 ml of vodka;
  • 50 ml of water;
  • 1 bunch fresh dill.

Crush the dill, put it in a jar, fill with vodka. Infuse weekly by shaking the contents of the vial several times a day. Then strain the liquid and dilute it with boiled water. Wipe problem areas with lotion twice a day.It is not recommended to use this tool for more than two weeks, after this time you should take a break.

Tomato Lotion

To remove pigment spots quickly help tomato lotion. To make it, you will need to squeeze the juice out of the tomato and dilute it with water 1 to 1. Wipe your face and hands with it three times a day. After 2 weeks you will see that the spots began to fade. It will be necessary to take a break for 2 weeks, and then repeat the course.

Therapeutic clay

If the pigment spots are strongly pronounced, it is not so easy to cope with them, but you can try to use healing clay. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. Take 10 grams of product, mix with hydrogen peroxide and apply on age spots for 15 minutes. This tool has strong whitening properties, so it is important that it does not fall on other skin areas.

To pigment spots do not appear again, it is important to know why they occur. This will help you our article - Why spots on the face.

How to remove age spots with the help of salon procedures

Salon procedures will help to remove age spots. There are several ways, so you can choose the most suitable.

Chemical peel

Due to the chemical peeling will be able to remove skin defects. During this procedure, the upper layer of the skin is removed, and with it the cells with impaired pigmentation. After this procedure, you should use a cream with a high SPF protection so that the problem does not return again.

Laser peeling

Thanks to the laser, it will be possible not only to get rid of age spots, in one procedure it will also remove wrinkles. Moreover, the skin will be renewed, its tone and color will improve.

Photo correction

The most advanced method of removing pigment spots is considered photo correction. Light is directed onto the spot, due to which the pigment is destroyed without affecting the cells.

Cosmetical tools

Pigment spots go away if they are affected by bleaching agents. You will need to use them for at least a month to get a good result. Today, many manufacturers of cosmetics (Vichy, Oriflame, Garnier) produce a whole line of similar products, you only need to choose the appropriate price category.


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