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How to remove cosmetics from the face?

Women love to put makeup on their face and body. With her, we just feel more comfortable, more confident and more beautiful. After all, it is really often possible to hide a large number of flaws with the help of inexpensive cosmetics.

And this can not but rejoice in impressionable and meticulously related women. Only here often beautiful ladies forget about the procedure of makeup removal. And this leads to a large number of unpleasant consequences for the skin and even premature aging. Let's see together how to properly remove cosmetics from the face.

How does a woman start every day? In addition to basic hygiene, they apply makeup. Moreover, it is included in the mandatory program, and sometimes due to lack of time, it even replaces the most important meal - breakfast. For most girls, leaving the house without makeup on their face means committing an irreparable crime and disgracing themselves to the whole world. That is why makeup is so popular.

Women are painted differently, each woman is known for various techniques of applying cosmetics, sometimes to create a good makeup takes from 20 minutes to one hour. In the morning and before a significant event in the life of the girls is not difficult to spend so much time on applying cosmetics. But we often do not want to make any effort to remove all these funds from our faces.

Moreover, sometimes girls neglect all the rules and generally do not remove cosmetics before going to bed. As a result, the skin for a long time does not get the oxygen necessary for normal functioning.

Thanks to regular make-up remover, you won't have pimples, wrinkles and gray complexion.

The process of makeup removal should be one of the most important daily procedures. Look at the actresses, every day they have to put on their skin a large amount of makeup, but in ordinary life, they look just great. This is due to the fact that these great women are able to properly remove all makeup from their face.

Fundamental rules

Let's honestly admit that for most women the process of makeup removal is banalwashing your face with soap and water. And often we use not the warmest water and soap intended, not at all for the face. Since our water cannot “boast” of purity and the absence of various chemicals from our face, not only cosmetics are not removed, but various films and impurities are formed.

Which, in turn, lead to clogging of the pores and disruption of the sebaceous glands. And soap, as you know, can destructively dry our skin. So if you have the desire for many years to look young and beautiful, we recommend that you take the issue of makeup removal more seriously.

To remove cosmetics from the face you need to use special tools. It is clear that they, too, cannot always be attributed to natural ones, but at least compared to ordinary soap, all makeup remover products have a more gentle structure.


  • Remove any kinds of cosmetics. That is, it does not matter whether it is resistant or not, and which company is its manufacturer.
  • Do not clog the skin and do not remain on it after washing.
  • Contribute to the restoration of the skin.
  • In addition to cleansing perform a nourishing and soothing function.
  • Have anti-allergic properties.

How to do it right?

The whole process of make-up can be divided into several stages.

  1. If you put cosmetics on your face every day, then, accordingly, before going to bed, you must take it off without fail. No postponement of this procedure for later. Neglecting this simple rule can cause serious dermatological problems. By the way, the black spots, hated by everyone, appear due to poor skin cleansing.
  2. Choose a makeup remover, starting from your own skin type. Drying lotions and tonics are suitable for oily skin, and for dry skin - moisturizing.
  3. For more convenient carrying out of this procedure you can use wadded disks, napkins or as a last resort usual cotton wool.
  4. Even if the makeup on some parts of the face is not removed immediately, in any case, do not press or rub the skin. Just add a little money on a cotton pad and wipe the desired area again.
  5. Make-up removal procedure should start with the eyes. It is on this area of ​​the face that a large amount of various cosmetics is commonly used: mascara, eyeliner, pencils and shadows.To remove cosmetics from the eye area, special lotions have been developed, which have a liquid structure and are able to remove puffiness. So pay attention to what is written on the tool you are purchasing.
  6. Remove the quality waterproof mascara from the first time you may not succeed. In order to facilitate this procedure, it is enough to apply the remedy to cotton pads, lie down on the bed, put them on their eyes and relax for 10 minutes. After that, any mascara to remove is not difficult.
  7. Remove makeup from the eyes, moving from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.
  8. Do not forget that the lips are no less than the eyes suffer from cosmetics. Glitters, lipsticks, especially persistent, are able to dry the skin of the lips strongly enough. Swipe over your lips with a special makeup remover for your lips, going from the corners to the middle.
  9. Remove from the face blush, several layers of powder and tonal cream over light movements, moving in a circle.
  10. Especially carefully remove the makeup on the nose, as this is the number one area for the appearance of black dots.
  11. Also, do not forget to clean the neck, as she first can give the age of any woman.

What are the means?

There are several options for removing cosmetics from the face. Milk is the most popular among our beautiful ladies. It consists of several oils, moisturizing ingredients and waxes. Each milk is developed for a certain type of skin, so pay attention to it.

Also in the shops, on the shelves for facial care products, you can see the makeup cream. They differ from the milk more dense and oily structure. This is a real find for dry skin.

You can also purchase a cleansing cream. It can not only remove makeup, but also moisturize the skin. That is, after him supposedly do not need to use an ordinary cream.

You can remove makeup with facial wash or gel. But, although they write on these means that they are suitable for daily use, they should not be abused. Since they can change the structure of the skin.

Make-up is not just the removal of cosmetics from the face, it's an opportunity to hold a nice and pleasant massage. So never deny yourself this pleasure.

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