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How to remove folds from the back in 7 minutes a day: 4 simple and effective exercises

The easiest way is to put extra weight on women in the abdomen, on the arms and back - exactly on the area where the bra is usually fastened. It can be very difficult to get rid of the latter - for this you need to pick up exercises, special equipment and often go in for sports. Fortunately, fitness instructors know the secret and effective exercises aimed specifically at this problem area of ​​many women.

For a full-fledged training is often not enough time. But you will find the extra 7 minutes to practice?

Some of the exercises shown below can be supplemented with dumbbells or simple 1.5-liter bottles of water (if desired) - this is in case you feel that the training was not effective enough, and you can increase the load.

Exercises in which an elastic band is involved can also be safely performed without it.Elastic tape only creates additional muscle tension, making the exercise even more effective. If you do not have an elastic band for fitness, but you want to quickly see a good result, you can successfully replace it with a simple elastic bandage bought from a pharmacy or with an old, well-stretched T-shirt. Wrap the edges of the bandage, tape or T-shirt tightly into your fists and start the exercise.

For best results, it is recommended to perform these exercises 20 times in 1–3 approaches (in general, 20–60 times) daily during the month. Pre-do the classic fast charge and stretch your arms a little.

Swimmers exercise

Begin training with this exercise. It was not for nothing that it received such a name: if you look closely, you can see that the movements of the girl in the photo are similar to those of swimmers.

Expose hands in front of you (“1”). Make a second movement (“2”) with a slight jerk, spreading your arms to the sides parallel to the floor. At the third stage (“3”), when the elbows are pressed to the body on the sides, you should maximally strain the muscles of the arms and backs, feel them. Then return the hands to the previous position (“4”) and repeat everything from the beginning 20 times.

Stretch Exercise

Grasp the fabric (“1”), stretch your arms in front of you. With the next movement, separate the arms with effort, while the fabric stretches along with the arms (“2”). Spread the arms completely to the sides (“3”). The next movement returns the hands to the starting position (“4”). Do not forget to strain your arm and back muscles! Repeat at least 20 times.

Exercise "butterfly"

This exercise simulates the movements that people perform in the gym on the Butterfly simulator. You can additionally increase the load with a dumbbell or water bottles. Bend your elbows, strain your muscles, connect your elbows just above the chest ("1"). With a jerk, spread your arms parallel to the floor (“2”). Slowly return your hands to their original position, keeping your hands at the same height ("3"). Repeat exercise (“4”) at least 20 times.

Exercise with stress

For the best effect, you will need a tape, cloth or bandage. Grasp the edges of the fabric, pulling it stronger ("1"). Keeping it in this position, raise your hands up ("2"). Make sure that the tension in your hands is maintained throughout the entire exercise. The fabric should remain taut, even when you drop your hands ("3").Be sure to keep your back straight ("4"). Repeat 20 times.

At the end of the workout, you can do exercises on the second or third round or go to stretching - pull the muscles of your arms and backs slightly to relax them and relieve tension. And do not forget to repeat simple exercises every day for a month!


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