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How to remove kisses?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
April 28, 2015
How to remove kisses?

Sincere tenderness and passionate love, portrayed by the actors in the movie, is so attractive that viewers believe in real feelings between them.

Let us consider further how kisses are shot and what rules the actors, directors and cameramen follow.

How to shoot a kissing scene

First of all, we note, despite the fact that the feelings depicted in the movie are not real, most of the kisses are real! It is rather difficult to deceive the viewer when the kissing scene is shot close up, therefore it is much easier to persuade the actors to kiss for real. However, it is necessary to observe a few subtleties.

So for a better angle, the actors have to tilt their heads at a particular angle during the kissing scene. In real life, this angle is much smaller.

The kiss itself, as a rule, is prescribed in the script, but the actors are creative people and therefore often begin to improvise during kissing scenes. In this case, a good tone among professional actors is the refusal of food with a pronounced smell, cigarettes and other substances that cause bad breath.

There are no other special rules during the filming of the kissing scene. Perhaps this is what makes them as genuine and sincere as possible.

It is worth noting that scenes from such films as Gone with the Wind (scene at the steps of the stairs), Pretty Woman (scene on the fire escape), and Titanic (scene at the stern of the ship) are considered to be the most beautiful film kisses.


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