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How to remove rust from the car?

At the very beginning, before removing rust from a car at home, it is necessary to purchase consumables and the necessary tools.

Necessary inventory

If you have sufficient financial resources, then we can advise you to purchase a sandblaster, a grinding machine and professional auto-chemistry in stores. Such purchases may be useful to you in the future, so the costs will be fully justified.

Grinding machine will save a lot of time and effort on the initial cleaning. It will be needed for body repair, and to prepare for painting. For these works the grinding machine of the cheapest and simplest model is quite suitable.

A sandblaster is not affordable for everyone, but desirable. It is usually used at car service enterprises, and industrial design models are equipped with re-circulation function. The fact is that if a sandblaster does not have such a function, then sand flies in all directions under great pressure.This unit can be replaced with abrasive skins with different grit and metal brushes. However, working with them will require great physical effort from you and take a lot of time.

A set of chemicals to eliminate corrosion - putty, anti-corrosion primer, rust converter and degreaser. Work with auto chemistry should always be in gloves.

Rust removal methods

How to remove corrosion with a sandblaster? The nozzle of the unit is directed to the problem area and the control pedal is depressed. The sand jet under pressure bombards the surface of the rust-affected area. The grains of sand knock out rust, and then are sucked back into the unit if it has the function of reverse circulation.

How to remove rust from the car with hardware grinding? The grinding disc of the machine has a high rotational speed, which contributes to the rapid removal of the destroyed coating and cleaning the surface to a metallic sheen. During processing, the thickness of the metal decreases, which is a big disadvantage of this stripping method.

How to remove rust from the machine by hand grinding? Surface treatment is entered usingsandpaper of coarse and medium grain or with a metal brush, as well as tape and abrasive disks. Advantages - cleaning of hard-to-reach places and low cost. Disadvantages - reducing the thickness of the metal in problem areas, large time costs, the complexity of the process.

Stages of work

  • The damaged area is thoroughly cleaned with sand, sandpaper or machine to absolute purity. If one spot is treated, the area is trimmed around a few centimeters of formation.
  • The place of cleaning is degreased with a special agent. Then a rust converter is applied to this area. Then the converter needs to be washed off, and a primer is applied to the surface. If irregularities or dents are present, then it is necessary to putty before priming.
  • If through holes have appeared from corrosion, then they must be firmly closed. The holes of small diameter can be sealed with fiberglass putty, and to seal large holes you need to purchase a special set, which includes fiberglass and epoxy resin. The surface is cleaned from dirt.A fragment of the shape of the hole is cut out of fiberglass and superimposed on the problem area. On the opposite side, a temporary substrate is fixed at the same time, and the epoxy resin is poured on top of a piece of cloth. After solidification, in order to strengthen the strength of the patch, the same operation is performed on the side of the temporary substrate.

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