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How to remove the hard drive?

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How to remove the hard drive?

Sometimes it happens that the computer becomes unusable. However, it is obvious that many of its details are in working condition, not to mention the hard disk, which contains all the information on the computer. The hard drive can be removed and rearranged to another computer. Let's talk about how to remove the hard drive.

Removing the hard drive on the PC

  1. You need to start disassembling the computer with a power outage. If your computer is on, you need to turn it off. On the back you will find the regulator on the power supply. It is necessary to translate it to the position "0". Now you can unplug or turn off the power filter. Only after these security measures can you begin dismantling, without forgetting to disconnect, all wires leading to the computer (mouse, keyboard, network cable, USB connections).
  2. It is necessary to unscrew the side walls of the system unit (usually it is enough to remove only the right one). Many models are made conveniently, so you unscrew the bolts with a suitable key or screwdriver.
  3. The side wall should be pushed to itself and moved in the opposite direction to remove it from the retaining grooves.
  4. Remove hard driveAfter that, lay the computer on its side. The hard drive is in a small flat rectangular iron box. It is located almost at the front wall of the system unit. To the HDD drive leads cable (large wire consisting of several wires). The cable must be disconnected by pressing the trigger in place of its attachment with the disc. After disconnecting all loops, you can begin to unscrew the bolts with a suitable screwdriver that secures the hard drive to the case.

Removing a hard disk on a laptop

If you want to remove the hard drive from the laptop, then you need to do the following:

  1. Repeat the first step from the previous instructions. Note! It is not enough just to close the laptop screen, as this will put it into "sleep mode". It is necessary to turn off the computer through the "Start" menu and select the option "Shut down".
  2. Now you need to turn the laptop. Find the battery attachment area. Open the cover and remove the battery. Below it, you will find a red badge that indicates the main body latch.
  3. The laptop hard drive is often under a separate cover.Remove hard driveIt is necessary to unscrew the bolts holding it.
  4. Next you will see the hard drive, which is located in a metal frame attached to the body of the laptop. Slide the hard drive in the direction indicated by the arrow, unscrew the bolts of the metal frame. Done, the hard drive is removed.
  5. In some models of laptops for removal of the hard disk has a plastic tongue, pulling which you pull out the entire disk with a metal frame. There are also models in which it is quite problematic to get to the hard drive from behind - in such cases it is necessary to remove the laptop keyboard, then the motherboard, in order to access the hard drive.
  6. Before removing any device, professionals advise you to remove static electricity accumulated on clothing (to avoid electric shock even when the battery is removed). To do this, simply touch any iron computer parts.

We have described the most common cases of dismounting a hard disk from a computer and a laptop.


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