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How to remove the protective film?

Usually, the protective film is removed immediately after installation of the product. This is especially true in the case of plastic windows. And, it is about how to remove the protective film from the windows of PVC, we, first of all, and talk, and then tell you how you can remove the tint film from the glass of the car and the removal of the protective film from the phones.

How to remove the film from the window

The problem arises in the case when the builders, after putting the house, either were too lazy or simply forgot to remove the film from the plastic windows. Here we will need special tools and patience. The fact is that it will not be possible to just remove the film, because after exposure to the protective coating of the solar ultraviolet even for several weeks, it can only be removed mechanically. Lucky for those who have as a protective film on the frames of ordinary adhesive tape - it is quite possible to peel off, and remove the remnants with nail polish remover. If you have a different type of protective film, you can do this.To begin with, wet the film with a special solvent, just not too corrosive, so that it is not harmful to the plastic from which the frames are made. White Spirit is suitable, for example, and some experts even recommend using ordinary vodka or alcohol for this purpose. Well - great use for strong alcoholic beverages. Prepare to saturate the film more than once before it can be scraped off. Try to make at least small “gaps” in the film so that the solvent begins to interact with the glue. For scraping you can use a thin spatula. By the way, in no case do not use cosmophen to remove the film, since it can slightly melt the plastic profile.

How to remove the film from the glass

This is, of course, a dubbing film on the glass of a car. Recently, this question arises quite often due to the fact that road police actively struggle with drivers who tint the glass of their cars. To remove the film from the car - or rather, from the glass of the car, you need to do this. First you need to warm the glass with a regular hairdryer.The main thing is not to bring the hair dryer close to the tint itself, as the hair dryer can start to act up or stop working altogether. The optimal distance is 8-10 centimeters, no closer. For the removed glasses the variant with hot water is suitable, in which they need to be lowered. After the glass is heated, proceed to the removal of the film. It is advisable to remove the film quickly and, if possible, with the glue, because as soon as the glass cools down, the film will be almost impossible to remove and you will have to heat the glass again. After removing the tint film, wipe the glass with white spirit or acetone to remove any glue residue. It is best to remove the glass before the procedure for removing tinting, since corrosive substances can get onto other elements of the door. The last step is to wipe the glasses with a special liquid for cleaning mirrors and glasses. If you didn’t manage to clear the car glass of tint film in this way (which is unlikely), you can buy special liquid in the auto shop, which you need to put only on the removed glass. After the toning has softened, wash the glass with warm water, add some detergent to the water, and then wipe dry.

How to remove the film from the phone

Of all cases with protective films, this one is the simplest.Usually removing the film in the screen of portable communication devices is not a big deal. If the film is stuck tightly enough, you can try to pick it up a little from some edge. If it starts to peel off, it will be easy to take it off, but if not, do not take risks, especially if you have a touch screen device. It is very easy to damage it, and the film does not interfere with normal operation, by and large. Moreover, after some time, it will still begin to peel off. And in any case, do not use any liquids for its removal - by this you can damage the screen so that it simply stops showing something, so it’s best to just wait until the film starts to go away by itself - then it will be very easy to remove.


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