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How can I remove wax from clothes?

Wax stains are not as common as, for example, tea or coffee. But still they are found. And to be fully prepared, find out the most effective ways to remove such contaminants.

How to remove wax from your favorite clothes?

  • The simplest and most obvious method is to use an iron. First, remove the part of the wax that has not penetrated into the fabric, that is, rises above it. To do this, you can use any pointed (but not sharp) object, for example, the blunt side of a knife blade, a nail file or something else. Next, heat the iron to the temperature allowed by the rules of care for the processed product. On both sides, overlay the area with paper napkins and iron the product. The wax will melt and immediately be absorbed into the paper, and the material will remain practically clean. Traces can be removed during normal washing.
  • If you can not iron the thing, you can turn on the steam ironing function or use a steam cleaner or steam generator. Just treat the area of ​​contamination well, then blot it with a cotton pad or paper towel. Repeat this procedure until no wax is left from the wax.
  • You can put the soiled product in hot water, it will also melt the wax. When it becomes soft, actively rub the stain with a brush. Instead of hot water, you can use boiling water, but only if the material is dense, not synthetic, and not colored.
  • You can act quite differently, without raising the temperature, but significantly lowering it. Put the item in the freezer of the refrigerator or carry it to the balcony during the cold season. Wax will freeze and fall into small particles, so you can easily remove it.
  • If you completely removed the wax from the candle, but it left a greasy stain on your clothes, then heat it with an iron or steam, and then sprinkle talcum, starch or flour several times.
  • You can use any solvents, which include acetone, gasoline and other. Wet a cotton pad in one of these tools and put it on the stain for a while so that the wax can dissolve. Then simply rinse the item in hot water and wash it thoroughly with powder. But with solvents it is worth being careful, as they can change the color of the fabric.
  • Try using a dishwashing detergent, it also perfectly dissolves the fat, which is the main constituent of wax.First, moisten the material in hot water, then apply a small amount of the product onto it and leave it for several hours (or overnight if the spot is large and deep). Next, rinse the product in hot water and wash it.
  • You can use ammonia. Dampen it with a cotton pad and gently treat the contaminated area. If the fabric is delicate, then alcohol should be diluted with warm water in equal proportions.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  1. If you are not lucky, and the wax got on your clothes, then do not rush to try to scrub it while it is hot or warm. So you only exacerbate the situation by rubbing the composition into the fabric. It is better to wait until it freezes, and only then go on to active measures.
  2. Try to clean from the edges to the center so that the wax does not spread to the area of ​​the material adjacent to the stain.
  3. If you are dealing with colored wax, then take extra care. In this case, it is not recommended to heat the fabric, as dyes at elevated temperatures penetrate the fibers and penetrate even deeper. Solvents also do not fit. Freezing is the most effective method for removing colored spots.
  4. Pre-test the product on the unseen portion of the product to avoid damage to the fabric.

Be careful to protect yourself from wax stains. But if the trouble has already happened, you can eliminate its consequences.

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