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How to restore nails after gel polish

Gel polish is good for everyone: applied once, and then at least two weeks you need not worry about the appearance of your hands. The problem is only one: after a long use of such a coating, the nails are spoiled. They become dry, brittle, thin and sensitive. To restore life to them, it is necessary, first, to give the plates a rest and not to use gel varnish for a couple of months. We tell you what else will help to return the perfect manicure.

Olive oil

One of the most effective recipes for restoring plates at the same time, and the easiest - olive oil. Just arrange your nails every evening, 10-minute bath in heated oil (at elevated temperatures, nutrients better penetrate into the structure of the plate). The result will be noticeable in a week. As a bonus - soft skin of the hands.

Sea salt

Another remedy from the "grandmother's chest" is a bath with sea salt. We think no one doubts their effectiveness: you probably noticed that after a stay at the sea the nails become strong andgrow fast. But if you do not get to fly to the coast in the near future, you can create an "oasis" at home. The main thing here is regularity. Baths are worth doing every day.


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