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How to save in Sony Vegas?

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How to save in Sony Vegas?

Sony Vegas is a popular professional program for creating, recording, editing and processing video and audio information. The video editor has a fairly convenient menu for work, and also has a wide range of features. Today we will look at how to save the finished video.

How to save video in Sony Vegas

Video and sound setup

Before you save the video in the editor, you need to set the necessary settings.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Select the desired fragment on the video scale (to do this, slide the yellow sliders in different directions). If you want to process the video completely, then click on the scale with the right mouse button and select the "Set selection to Project" function.
  2. Next, select the "Project Properties" function by clicking on the option icon, which is in the second row of the toolbar (the arrow in the square).
  3. In the "Video" tab, set the necessary settings (resolution, frame rate, video quality). The optimal setting is 720p30 (30 frames per second at a screen resolution of 720 pixels).
  4. Next you need to set the audio settings in the "Audio" tab (number of channels (mono, stereo), sound quality).
  5. Check your settings by playing the video in the editor.

Saving video

After you have set up all the settings of the video and audio parameters and checked them, proceed to the direct saving of the video.

  1. In the menu bar, select "File" and click on "Render As". To go to the save files menu, you can use the Crtl + M keyboard shortcut.
  2. In the window that opens, you must select the save location ("Save in" / "Save to"), the file name ("File name"), the video format ("Save as type").
  3. Review the list of functions where you need to check the box if you need to enable this or that option (note that the "Render loop region only" / "Calculate only selected area" option is enabled by default).
  4. Then select the templates to save (item "Template"). If there are no suitable parameters in the list, then click on the "Custom" button and make the necessary changes.
  5. In the "Video" / "Video" and "Audio" / "Audio" tabs, check the settings again, and also select codecs for video compression (in the "Birate" / "Bitrate" field).The higher the bitrate (the number of bits to store one second of video), the better the quality of the content, but at the same time, the larger the size of the video. Also select codecs for sound.
  6. When all settings are set and checked, click on the "OK" / "Save" button.
  7. Next, click on the "Render" button and wait for the process to complete.

The process of converting video and saving it as a finished video can be quite lengthy. Basically, the duration of the procedure depends on the timing of the material and the power of the computer (laptop).

The advantages of the video editor Sony Vegas

Along with this program, there are other editors for editing and saving video files. However, I want to mention the advantages of Sony Vegas.

  • The main advantage of the editor is simplicity and ease of use (in newer versions, the program has a Russified menu);
  • The next no less important advantage of the program is visual effects, the quality of which is much higher than that of competing programs. Video editor has a huge range of functional video editing tools. The quality of the video itself remains at the proper level.With the right settings, you can get a professional-quality film (which can be further used for commercial purposes);
  • The program also allows you to work with many formats of video and audio materials;
  • In addition, the program has a flexible menu that each user can customize for themselves.

Links to useful articles

To create a small movie or a real full-fledged film, you will need to install the program, as well as read the recommendations for the shooting itself. This will help you to articles located on our portal.

As we noted earlier in the Sony Vegas program, you can overlay various visual effects. For example, you can speed up any fragment of the video file or the entire movie.


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