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How to seduce a boy?

Love, as you know, all ages are submissive. And if suddenly you really liked a classmate who, well, absolutely does not pay any attention to you, then you will have to act on your own. But in order not to break the firewood and do everything right, you need to read the rules how to seduce a boy.

  1. The first thing to start with is, of course, its appearance. Put yourself in order, pay attention to the purity of the skin, hair, your scent. It is worth thinking about how you dress. Your clothes should be beautiful, but not vulgar and defiant. It is a mistake to think that the more body you open to his attention, the faster he will fall in love with you. From time immemorial it is known that a woman should be a mystery.
  2. Therefore, your clothes should be feminine, emphasize your strengths, and hide flaws, if any.
  3. Cosmetics are good, but it is unlikely that you will get bright red lipstick, best of all in seduction, it is lip gloss, moist and shiny lips attract the looks of the opposite sex.
  4. By clothes, of course, they meet, but still, this is not the most important thing. Try to communicate with him. If you study in one class, then it will be easier for you. Address him with a certain request, this is a great occasion to talk, men like to feel like helpers and protectors. If he succeeds in fulfilling your request, you should thank him. You can make a compliment, men love it. Try to communicate with him as often as possible, but avoid obsession, no matter what you should seem impregnable.
  5. The main thing is a look. You must learn to shoot with your eyes. Look at him, let him catch your eye. Hold him for a second longer than usual, and then take him away. Go on periodically looking at him so carefully. He will surely understand that you are interested in him, and will try to make a reciprocal step.
  6. You should seem self-confident, these girls really like guys. Boys also love easy-to-communicate girls with a sense of humor. Joke and smile, but do not walk with a sad face, sighing at the object of your adoration. Be strong and bright.
  7. Common interests bring together, so in the question of how to seduce a boy in school, it is important that these interests be found.The school often hosts a large number of events, there are many circles, clubs, and so on. You have to be where he is. It is better if you have some kind of general out-of-school business, in which you will have a lot of opportunities to communicate with him, make eyes, touch him inadvertently, and so on.
  8. The perfect moment is dancing. If he does not invite you to a disco, no need to sit on the sidelines and wait for him, sighing. Use the white dance and invite it yourself. Maybe he just shy to come to you. Having taken the first step, you should wait a bit, you should not run after him, if you are sympathetic to him, he will understand everything and go on the offensive.

Stories, like one girl seduced a boy, are not new, and a large number of them roam the school corridors. Listen to them, maybe you will learn something interesting for yourself. But in general, one last and main advice: listen to your heart, you are a girl, and nature has the ability to flirt and attract men. So believe in yourself, do not rush things, and everything will work out for you.


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