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How to sell or buy property in Kiev?

Searching, renting, buying and selling real estate often requires a lot of time, effort and money to organize: advertising, creating ads, searching for buyers / sellers, the work of analysts and realtors, etc. But the whole process can be greatly simplified by using special real estate systems - one of the best for buying, selling or renting in Ukraine is the site of real estate. Using it, you can easily find, buy or sell housing in Kiev or Kiev region.

How does the portal work?

This site is a big storehouse of ads, up-to-date information, real estate market news and other useful information about prices, supply and demand for real estate in Kiev and Kiev region. Each user can place an ad for the purchase, sale or rental of housing, it is easy to find a suitable apartment, since all the information about the objects is presented clearly and in an accessible form.The portal can be used by any person interested in this topic, whether it be a regular buyer, a realtor or a businessman.

Features of using the portal

  1. KievEasy navigation and clear structure. All information is collected in the relevant sections, below - the latest recent announcements and a detailed filter that will help you quickly find the right property for the desired requests. It is also possible to leave your ad - for this you can use the "Add an ad" button in the upper right.
    All information is presented in a simple and accessible way, thanks to which people of any age can use the portal.
  2. The site has an interactive map where you can see the exact geographical location of the object - this feature will help you quickly find the object of interest in a particular area of ​​the city. For example, choosing an apartment on the site is very convenient: you need to filter them by metro stations, calculate the convenience of location relative to work and choose from the most suitable options.
  3. KievThe user who makes the ad on the site should be provided with as much real estate data as possible and add photos.
  4. Here is a large selection of residential and commercial real estate of different classes, which will allow to find suitable options for people with different incomes. Also, the user can specify the range of prices when searching for housing, premises or land.
  5. On the site, you can easily find suitable real estate agencies and property owners.
  6. Users are always aware of the latest local and world news of the real estate market - the site has a whole section where the latest information is collected. The user is always up to date with current information on real estate prices, levels of supply and demand, and on market prospects.
  7. The site can be useful to lovers of rest on the Black Sea, those who are looking for an apartment or land for construction. Also, agents and property owners can cooperate with the system. Partners use the site mesto.ua as a tool to promote services and resource with high attendance.
  8. KievThe portal can be of great benefit to businessmen: the site has a wide range of commercial real estate. There are many offers for warehouse and office premises, hangars and parking spaces, in addition, you can rent and buy ship ports.
  9. Regular site updates and current samples on demand will help you find the right options within the budget available to the user.

How to add an ad?

  1. To post an ad in your Dashboard, click on the "Add Ad" button in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. A form will appear where you need to fill out information about the property being placed. Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

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