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How to set the ignition tags?

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How to set the ignition tags?

In this article, we will look at how to correctly set the ignition by tags, as well as by what tags to set the ignition with a strobe light and not only.

An example would be the classic car model (VAZ) with the problem of the initial ignition angle (NUZ) when replacing the distributor.

We expose the ignition tags

So, to begin with some clarifications. We will put the ignition on the fourth cylinder, and before this is done, it is necessary to tighten the circuit of the NMD. Then it is necessary to remove the valve cover, releasing the tensioner cap. Now turn the crankshaft with the key at 90 degrees for the ratchet nut. You can make an inspection of the chain tensioning with your hands, and, if it is weak, press the shoe into place. This method is suitable not only for a typical tensioner, but also for a mechanical one (pilot).

After the chain is tensioned, we determine when the 4th cylinder rises at the top dead center (TDC). This is easy to do: when the valve cover is removed, the 7th and 8th valves are tightened (when a spark is applied and at the stage of the compression cycle). Further actions are as follows:

  • unscrew the candle from cylinder number 4, plug the hole with a crumpled piece of newspaper;
  • scroll over the ratchet nut crankshaft;
  • if our newspaper has been knocked out, it means that the valves are closed and the piston has approached the TDC;
  • locate the pulley mark and move it to the 2nd mark on the front cover;
  • set the distributor so that the roller is in the direction of contact of the 4th cylinder;
  • After all the above actions, tighten the timer.

How to set the ignition with a strobe

Before you put the ignition on the strobe light, you need to learn the safety rules, since their non-compliance will cause serious harm to your health. And it is also worth getting acquainted with the instructions from the strobe, in which there is a detailed description of the connection.

So, the connection actions are as follows:

  • stop the motor, connect the strobe to the battery (observing the polarity);
  • secure the signal cable to the wire (it connects to the candle of the 1st cylinder);
  • locate the marks on the crankshaft flywheel and on the body of the power unit, and turn the lever to the neutral position;
  • start the engine, carefully loosen the mounting bolt (which adjusts the timer);
  • With the help of a stroboscope, light the labels and turn the distributor so that the labels match.

After these actions, you can turn off the engine and turn off the strobe, and then fix the timer (fastening bolt).


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