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How to set up 3G on a tablet?

The appearance of the tablet on the market of computer technology has caused a real wave of admiration of users. Still, because with a display size of just 6 inches, it can be considered a real portable computer of especially small size. The tablet is able to solve almost all the tasks that are solved using a personal computer but, unfortunately, its capabilities are very limited due to the small power and lack of other technical parameters.

Its main purpose is the following: a tablet is a multimedia toy that can play video and audio files, entertain with interesting games, in addition, the tablet allows you to use the Internet at 100%. In most cases, the tablet is bought just for going online.

How to connect the tablet to the Internet

Any tablet model has the ability to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi, but not all tablets have a connector for connecting a LAN cable. A Wi-Fi network is present only at distribution points or in the area of ​​a Wi-Fi router, therefore, due to the limited range, you can not always use this method to connect to the Internet.Tablet models that support the work of a SIM card of mobile operators are very popular. Such a tablet performs the functions of a mobile phone, and with the help of it you can use the packet Internet at the rate of a mobile operator. Only because of this opportunity and the price of such a tablet is significantly higher than the models that do not support this function, but have the appropriate technical characteristics.

Today, the most current type of Internet connection (based on mobility considerations) is performed using a 3G modem. Any tablet has at least one standard USB-connector (or you can use an adapter, if in a mini-USB tablet), where you can connect a modem. But the problem with connecting a 3G modem is that not all tablets support it. The fact is that it is not so easy to set up a 3G modem on a tablet, since most of the tablets work on the basis of the Android operating system, which does not support the operation of a 3G modem. This fact upset many users, but, nevertheless, more expensive tablet models can be synchronized with a wireless modem.On sale appeared tablets, in which this deficiency was corrected, but their price can be three times higher than budget gadgets without this possibility.

Wireless connection setup procedure

How to set up 3G on a tablet? First you need to find information for a specific model of the tablet and modem. However, in most cases, the sequence of how to install 3G on the tablet is the same. By following the steps below, you can configure the connection using an external modem on most tablets. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. Make sure that the modem works using a personal computer.
  2. Disable PIN verification.
  3. To transfer the modem to the modem only mode.
  4. Ensure that the CD-ROM emulation is disabled.
  5. In the tablet menu "Wireless connection" to enable data transfer.
  6. Connect the modem to the tablet and enter the parameters of the 3G-operator to activate the new user account.
  7. Restart the tablet and reconnect the modem.

After performing all the necessary actions, a 3G icon will appear near the battery level.This means that you understand how to connect the tablet. 3G modem is a very convenient thing. If everything is set up correctly, the tablet is ready to go online.


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