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How to set up jets

To check the jet for debris, put a rubber hose on the base of the sprayer and lower the sprayer into the water for better visibility. At the same time, you can simultaneously check the tightness of the discharge valve, but to do this, lock the spray gun in a vertical position and create a vacuum in the hose.
Clean clogged jets with copper wire or purge. If necessary, separate the tubes with nozzles from the holder by gently rotating and pulling out of the pressed holes.
After washing and assembling the carburetor, it is necessary to check the direction of the jet of fuel from the sprayer. Fold the tubes carefully so that the fuel enters the gap between the walls of the small and large diffusers into the primary and secondary chambers, without touching their surfaces.
If you still decide to change the nozzle, then buy a carburetor that matches the volume of your engine or close to it and use the nozzles to replace it. Start with a fuel jet, to which then pick up the air.Adjustment is carried out sequentially, starting with the first camera. Each subsequent camera, start setting up only after the previous one is configured.

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