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How to sew a book?

Often, the books we bought in the shops turn out to be of inadequate quality, and instead of enjoying reading, we are tormented with such a book, collecting and laying out the right, constantly falling out sheets. So really there is no way out of this situation? Do not worry, there is a way out. You need to sew this unfortunate book yourself, and then the opportunity to read it after you will appear and someone else. Let's look at step by step how to sew a book.

How to sew a book yourself

There are several ways to stitch a book. Some are simpler, others, on the contrary, more labor-intensive. It all depends on what kind of book you are going to stitch, how much time you have to complete this process, what kind of tool you have, and what quality of product you plan to get in the end. To make the new binding yourself, you will need the following materials and tools: a stationery knife, a press or a vice, a hacksaw, a ruler, glue, thick threads, pieces of cloth, several sheets of clean paper and sheets of thick cardboard.

  • Before you begin work, you must carefully disassemble the book into separate notebooks, fold them in order and glue the torn pages. Then we apply at the beginning and at the end of the book on a sheet of paper, align everything and clamp it in a vice so that the spine protrudes approximately 7 mm.
  • Next, with a hacksaw, we saw through the spine of the book exactly in the middle to a depth of 5 mm. Then from this incision, on either side of it, we make other cuts every 5 cm.
  • The butt of the spine must be well smeared with glue and they also fill the cuts. We take the thread, cut off so that its length exceeds the length of the spine at least three times. It is possible for reliability to take several such threads and put them together. We fasten one end of the thread on the press, and the other end with a snake, and we put the inside stretch into the grooves made. At the end, fasten the other end of the thread in the press.
  • On top of the spine we glue again and apply fabric. Next, the entire structure is left to dry completely.
  • The last stage is the gluing of the cover. You can make a cover yourself or take an existing one. If the book is in soft cover, then a thin sheet of cover can be pre-strengthened by gluing a sheet of cardboard from the inside of it. To do this, on the end of the book we glue a strip of cloth.Next we take the cover and glue it all together: the first and last pages of the book, prefabricated from blank paper, a strip of cloth and a cover. After all this, we put the whole book under a press and wait for it to dry.

Thus, you will get a book in a secure cover, which certainly will never fall apart and will delight all subsequent readers. Having made a new cover, you can create a unique copy of the book, which can be a worthy gift for a connoisseur of literature.

Sew the cashbook

For accounting and tax reporting at work, we often have to stitch a variety of documents. Of course, the above method of stitching a book for this case is not suitable. Therefore, you need to know how to sew a cashbook.

  • To begin with, you have to decide for how long the cashbook should be flashed. Then you check the availability and correctness of all documents in it.
  • Next, you number all pages of the book. And stitch it with a needle and thread so that the ends of the threads are behind the book. Cut a rectangle of blank paper so large that it covers the thread, glue it with glue.
  • On the glued piece of paper, write the following text: "This book is numbered, stitched and stamped with so many sheets (figure in words). The director and chief accountant are signed. Then the stamp of the organization is stamped on it.

As you can see, how to sew a cashbook is not a big deal. If this work will be constantly included in your duties, then you will be able to bring it to automaticity. The main thing is to first learn to do everything right.


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