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How to shoot dogs?

What affectionate and funny photos can happen if their heroes are pets! Since dogs are one of the most talented and professional models, shooting from these animals is very popular and in demand. But before you shoot a dog, you need to meet and make contact with the animal. It will also be nice to be able to take portraits of pictures, adjust the light correctly to show all the advantages of a beautiful hair coat and pensive eyes. We must be able to take pictures in motion, because our pets are always eager to frolic.

Point shooting

The first thing to remember, especially if you photograph a small breed of dogs, is not to shoot it from above. Items in this position seem even smaller. You always need to squat and take pictures at eye level. But if you need to give your dog impressive dimensions, you can lie down and take the animal down from the bottom.

Do not take a pet very close. If the picture shows the profile of an animal, move a few meters away so that all its virtues are visible: long paws, beautiful wool, all bends.


If you do not know how to photograph dogs so that the light does not interfere, but on the contrary create an impressive effect, you need to follow some rules.

  • The first is that you should not photograph a dog if the lighting is opposite it. Do not let the sun or lamp shine the animal in the eye. The dog will squint and turn away, and the pictures will turn out bad. Stand so that the light is behind your back.
  • Watch the sun. You need to choose the right time when the lighting is not too bright, a little diffused. Do not take pictures in cloudy weather. The best time to photograph a dog is morning from about 6 to 10, and after five in the evening. The light is then more favorable for photography, especially if the dog is red. In the evening, the sun gives the objects an orange color, the dog will look very beautiful in the photo.
  • No need to take photos at noon. At this time, large and dark shadows, in the picture it will look unsuccessful. In addition, the shadow can cast objects near the dog. On his coat, especially if the dog has a light color, such dark spots will look bad.

Place and background

How to photograph dogs correctly? It is necessary to remember the background. If you are taking pictures at home, make sure that the background is not filled with too many objects. It will distract the eye from the dog itself to unnecessary things. Make sure that the background is not very variegated, such as a carpet or a bedspread. This will prevent the allocation of a pet in the photo.

Make a contrast between the background color and the shade of the animal's coat. For example, if a dog is of a dark color - gray or black, you need to do either a light background. You can add a bright white spot to the background. At home, in a room or on a loggia, there may be a huge amount of things, remove them, the background should not look cluttered with various objects.

In nature, you can photograph a dog on a hill, among flowers and grass. Do not take pictures in the tall grass, especially if the dog is small. In motion, such a picture will be very effective, but if the dog is just standing, it will not add beauty to the photo. Also, if the pet is running and you want to take a photo, leave a place to show where it is going. The dog will be at the edge of the picture, and in front of him there will be a road, a field or water.It is very beautiful, highlights the dog, gives the originality of the photo.


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