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How to shoot flowers?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
April 18, 2015
How to shoot flowers?

Many novice photographers choose for themselves different directions in shooting - someone loves to do portraits, someone photographs exhibitions or cities, and someone prefers to shoot nature. You can learn more about different directions in our Photo section. And in this article we will reveal to you the secrets of shooting flowers. How to photograph flowers to admire your work?

Shooting colors: tips

  • Choose an interesting perspective. A very common mistake of photographers is that they shoot flowers from above. This perspective does not reveal anything unusual in the flower, does not show its individuality and does not interest the viewer. Flowers should be removed from the side, or from below, when you can see both the bud and the stem and other details that are inaccessible to the usual look from above.
  • Use suitable lenses. Beautiful shots of buds will help to make macro lenses, or zoom lenses. Both the first and second have their advantages. Their main feature is that they allow you to focus on the details with sufficient sharpness and color depth.For best results, use tripods.
  • Do not use the built-in flash: it distorts the colors in the photo, hides interesting and important details.
  • Take time to shoot. The best time to shoot flowers is a slightly cloudy day. In this case, the lighting will be natural and the work will turn out good. On a sunny day, at noon, the colors in the photo will be distorted. Especially beautiful photos are obtained in the rain - the main thing here is not to wet the camera itself.
  • Take care of the background. The most beautiful photos of flowers come out on a black or white background. You can create it in front of a photo — by placing something behind a flower, or later after — in Photoshop.

We hope we helped you, wish you good luck and inspiration!


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