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How to smile?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
November 10, 2011
How to smile?

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How to smile?

Everyone smiles in their own way, and a sincere natural smile is the most beautiful action in the world, able to raise the mood of others, give love and deliver the hormones of happiness to yourself!

How to smile: tips imedzhmeykerov

Image makers from all over the world teach their wards to smile beautifully in order to impress others and have success in their personal lives and affairs.

The most important thing in a beautiful smile is the symmetry that not everyone has. Go to the mirror and smile at your reflection. In most cases, the distortions will be noticeable even to the naked eye. Symmetry needs training ...

Exercise to smile symmetrically and correctly:

Fix a smile. Sit in front of the mirror, smile at your reflection until you find that same smile shape that you like. At this point, press the corners of the lips with your fingers, without releasing 7 seconds. This exercise is repeated 5 times in a row, pressing down and tempering the corners of the lips.As you let go of your fingers, a beautiful smile should be preserved! The first time to perform such an exercise will be difficult, the desired shape of a smile will always be lost. Do not despair, look for it again and again. Soon the result will see all around. After every five repetitions of the exercise, close your eyes and try to keep a smile for 30 seconds. Then open your eyes and check yourself.

How to smile at the photo

This exercise is extremely important for anyone who wants to go beautifully in the photographs. The problem of how to properly smile in the photo will disappear, since the muscles of the face will remember the correct smile that will appear on the face at the sight of the camera.

How to smile eyes

Well, and if the ability to smile is necessary for a girl for her personal life, it means that it is extremely necessary to find out how to smile properly with her eyes. Slightly lower your head, look at the man frowningly, squeeze your eyes a little for a certain trick - that’s all the flirting!


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