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How to solve an example in mathematics?

September 23, 2014
How to solve an example in mathematics?

Mathematics is the most ancient science, which is not given to everyone. But the modern world is designed in such a way that a successful person cannot do without a basic knowledge of mathematics. So let's figure out where you can go online if you, for example, do not know how to solve an example in mathematics.

Useful Math Resources

  • First of all, you can find answers to some common questions in one of the sections of our site, which is devoted to mathematics - Mathematics;
  • There is also another useful resource. This service "Answers mail.ru" invites people to ask any questions. The user can receive answers almost instantly. True, it is worth noting that the answers to the questions are written by the same users, therefore it is impossible to guarantee their correctness. But after all, among the users may well be a doctor of mathematical sciences;
  • On the site you can download a variety of reshebnik, which go as applications to almost all textbooks of the school program;
  • The service provides users with the ability to solve equations and systems of equations, limits, integrals, inequalities and systems of inequalities, graphing functions, derived functions, etc.
  • A very convenient resource that presents all sorts of online calculators (for example, according to number theory, with fractions, with percentages, for solving equations, progressions, according to probability theory, etc.), which not only produce results, but also demonstrate all sequential calculations.

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