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How to stop feeling fat

Is it thick?

A woman hangs the label "fat" at the slightest hint of overweight. A common case is that the norm is exceeded by several kilograms, and the girl, not yet leaving the scales, is already beginning to call herself fat, mentally looking for more free clothes in her wardrobe and choosing a harder diet.
Women with a non-standard figure do not even have to look at the scales to engage in self-flagellation about excess weight. Despite the obvious fact that people are different, the ladies of a large build or with a part of the body, a comparatively greater rest, blame themselves and try to correct the figure with endless diets.
When the fullness of the fair sex is pleasant looking, not excessive, but normal, quite healthy, not burdened with illnesses, then there is no reason to belittle yourself because of this. And although men may be attracted by curvaceous forms, the girls themselves consider themselves to be ugly because of the imperfect figure.
All of the above cases have no relation to fat women. But public opinion extols the model parameters, cutting off the other forms into one heap: both thick and healthy. Therefore, women who are not fat feel that way because of the unattainability of the ideal.

Fighting unnecessary thoughts

In order for a normal healthy and beautiful woman to soberly appreciate herself and stop feeling fat, she should not struggle with overweight and get rid of false attitudes. To become beautiful and successful, it is not necessary to be thin and fit yourself to the ideal. Find a good man and start a family under the force of not only models. To be happy, do not break yourself under someone else's ideas about beauty.
You can not compare yourself with the "right" figure, girls from glossy magazines, colleagues, neighbors, friends and even sisters. If someone's example is achievable, then at best a woman will become his faded likeness. In order not to feel fat, to be beautiful and not to lose individuality, you need to love and accept yourself with shortcomings that can be overshadowed by virtues.
Resetting the ballast of unnecessary thoughts will help care about yourself beloved. Proper nutrition will improve health and appearance, exercise will allow you to explore and love your body, cosmetic procedures and competent selection of clothes will make a woman irresistible. By working on herself and gaining the benefits of improvements, she will succeed and feel like a queen.

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