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How to stop thinking about the person you love madly?

When a small person really lives easier for him. He does not have global material and spiritual problems. Growing up, we begin to learn all the delights of such strong feelings as love, hurt, hatred, happiness. We begin to build relationships, lose our heads and at some point in time we are trying to find the answer to the question of how to stop thinking about the person we love.

The world of adults is cruel. Living in it is difficult to find answers to the questions that concern us. You have to do everything yourself. But sometimes to understand how to act in this situation is very difficult.

A wise mother once said good words to her daughter: “When you love, do not think like a man, think like a woman.” These owls have meaning. Sometimes you need to turn off the mind to be able to enjoy happiness. Love is given to mankind so that it never loses the meaning of life.

But, sometimes women and men hurt each other.Unfortunately, we always put our interests first. Deceit and betrayal destroyed not a single strong relationship.

It is most sad to worry about parting if you have lived or met a person for several years. Only in rare cases is a break in relations a joint, balanced decision. In most cases, one of the partners does not even know about the intentions of the other. As a result, we hear hastily abandoned phrase that we have different characters and the person just leaves, closing the door behind him.

And we stay with a feeling of emptiness, resentment and disappointment in the heart and soul. Agree, it is unpleasant, when an unfamiliar passer-by man is cheating or hurting, the mood immediately drops to zero. And what then to say, if a man whom you have kissed a few days ago inserts a knife into your back, you are This is hard to forget. But you have to try.


Remember that you only have one life, so it's time to start a therapy called "I will forget the person I love." Constantly thinking about something is bad for your health. Especially if it causes you sad emotions.

To begin, you must make an informed decision that it is time to throw a person out of your head and your own life.Forgetting about your loved one means putting an end to your story and destroying in your heart the hope that you will be happy together again. Only by realizing that you really want to forget about a person can you achieve your goal.

From the girls you can often hear the phrase that they want to forget, but can not. It means that they do not want much, and this suggests that there are factors that are pulling back. And until they are finished, you cannot forget the ex-boyfriend.

Sometimes the more we do not want to think about something, the more thoughts come into our heads to us. So that the image of a man who has thrown you constantly does not pop up in your head, start thinking about something else.

In order to force your brain to switch to other problems, you have to create them yourself. It perfectly distracts the solution of important everyday problems from sad thoughts. Well, for example, you have had problems with batteries for a long time. Take care of their repair. Of course, now household problems do not matter to you, but you have to force yourself to call repairmen. Who knows, maybe among them will be the one who will destroy all thoughts of an ex-boyfriend.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.The pity of no one has led to anything good. If you constantly cry and complain about the fate of your life will turn into a nightmare. In order to cry out all the tears, you have three days after that you have to pull yourself together and never cry again because of the ex-boyfriend.

In order not to remember the person you did not need to be, you must stop pronouncing his name and related stories. Stop bothering your friends, forcing them to listen about how unhappy you are.

Clear the area in which there are references to your former love. Throw away all the photos together with him, gifts, souvenirs. You can not make such a brave step? Then hide it all in a cardboard box, tape it with tape and hide it away, for example in the basement.

Make your dream come true. In every respect, you have to give up some things. For example, your spouse forbade you to drive a car or go to English classes. You finally have a chance to do what you want. So do it. Sign up for fitness, go to a nightclub or go on an independent journey.

Start a love affair with another person.Thus, you can break the heart of another person, but you can increase your self-esteem and distract yourself from sad thoughts. In general, in order to stop suffering and forget about a person, you must again feel all the pleasures of a free life.

Optimists are experiencing all the difficulties easier, because they sincerely believe that tomorrow will be a good day and new acquaintances. Read a good book and watch a movie. Just do not choose snotty melodramas, let it be something driving and exciting.

If after all this you still have obsessive thoughts about the ex-boyfriend, then take all the money that you have and move to live in another city. Change your job, appearance, environment. Thus, you simply will not have time to remember the former.

It takes patience and time to forget about the person you loved. You will succeed, but do not forget to delete the phone number of the former loved one.

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