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How to store ginger?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
August 23, 2011
How to store ginger?

Ginger is a plant that people most often use in cooking or in traditional medicine. You could see it in a ground form, like powder, pickled, and also ginger root is often found on store shelves. The choice of the method of storing ginger depends on this.

How to store ginger

In the form of a hammer, ginger is a spice, which is added in Russian cuisine in kvass, honey, tinctures, bragi, gingerbread, puddings, or in jam. Ground ginger is stored only in sealed packaging.

How to store ginger root

Ginger root is actively used in medicine. It is considered a good anti-inflammatory agent in the fight against diseases of the throat and oral cavity. With motion sickness, with gastric ulcer, to improve the work of the digestive system and much more, the beneficial properties of ginger root are used.

To prevent these beneficial properties from disappearing, ginger root should be stored in a special way. The easiest way: you need to pack the unpeeled ginger root very tightly and put it in the freezer.You can also cut the ginger root into thin slices, pour it with white wine and put it in the fridge. In addition, ginger root can be placed in alcohol or vodka. The tincture can then be used for the prevention of disease.

How to store ginger pickled

Marinated ginger is used as a condiment for sushi and rolls. Store pickled ginger can only be in a glass or ceramic dish (in the metal can not!). Where to store ginger? In the refrigerator it can be kept up to 3 months.


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