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How to talk to a cop?

Dmitry Ostrozhny
Dmitry Ostrozhny
January 16, 2013
How to talk to a cop?

Counter Strike - the most famous team shooter. Almost everyone has played it, but someone still plays to this day. No cyber-sports championship passes without this game. And as a team shooter, players who have an average or higher skill level usually play with voice communications. This is more convenient than a chat, since you do not need time to write a message, and just press a button or not to press it at all, it all depends on the settings of the gamer and his preferences. If you want to succeed in the game and bring victory to your team, you need to get a microphone. It can be cheap, it’s a matter of choice and your preferences. Find out right now how to talk to a cop.

Ways to talk to the COP

One way is through integrated voice communication. Push the letter K (English) and speak into the microphone. The button can be changed in the settings.

TeamSpeak is another way to talk to a cop. This is the most popular program that makes the conference "for their own". Download the latest version of this program, you can scroll through the agreement, tick “I agree” and click “Submit”.On the next page, simply select “No thanks, take me to the download”. Installation is no different from other programs.

This is what the program window looks like:

TeamSpeak window

Now we need to connect to the server using the Connections / Connect command: enter the server address, its password and your nickname. Addresses of popular servers can be found here:.

Connect to server

Choose a room, connect to it by double-clicking on its name and speak. Go to the settings using the P + ALT combination, in the Capture section, select when to turn on the microphone:

  • By pressing (Push-to-Talk)
  • Permanently on (Continuous Transmission)
  • Turns on when you speak (Voice Activation Detection)

You can create your own room by right-clicking on the name of the server / Create channel.

Create your room

Other programs for voice communication: Skype, Ventrilo, ooVoo and others. How they work and the subtleties of working with them I will not describe, since the previous two methods are perfect and are the most convenient and popular. So you learned how to talk in COP 1.6. I wish you good luck, exciting battles and countless victories.


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