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How to tie a tie?

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How to tie a tie?

The ability to properly tie a tie can be useful to both men with a tight dress code at work, and girls who will tie a tie to their young man or husband. There are many ways to tie a tie. We will look at both simple and complex.

How to tie a tie - the easiest way

This method is called four-in-hand. It is suitable for a variety of ties, regardless of materials and length. Immediately I warn you that there will be no panic as a result, the knot will not turn out to be a perfect triangular shape, it attracts with its elegant small asymmetry.

So, put a tie under the collar so that the wide end hangs on the right and the narrow end on the left. Now follow the instructions:

  1. We put the wide end over the narrow. He is on the left side.
  2. We tuck the same wide end under the narrow one. Now he is on the right.
  3. We throw wide end on the left shoulder.
  4. And then we tuck it under the left side of the tie above the knot (right at the neck).
  5. So the wide end was on top of the bottom.If you look under it, we will see a node. In this knot and need to thread a wide part of the tie.
  6. We take the knot with one hand and the tie ends with the other and pull the knot up.

How to tie a tie: four-in-hand knot

Video, how to tie a tie, will be very useful for beginners!

How to tie a narrow tie

For the modern narrow tie, the four-in-hand method, discussed above, as well as the eastern knot (small knot) is suitable. With the help of the eastern knot, you can cope with a tie, even of thick silk. But an inexperienced person in this area is not advised to undertake it, since an incorrectly tied oriental knot can then be unleashed at the most inappropriate moment. We also throw a tie over ourselves, but with the wrong side so that its wide part is on the left and slightly below the narrow one. Next, tie a tie according to the instructions:

  1. Skip the wide end under the narrow one.
  2. Put the wide end of the tie over the narrow one, and it turns to the left.
  3. Then the wide end of the tie should go into the neck loop from the bottom up.
  4. His same skip down in the resulting ear tie.
  5. It remains only to tighten, and we have the east knot ready.

How to tie a tie: oriental knot

How to tie a thin tie

To beautifully and correctly tie a tie that is thin in its structure or that has already lost its original appearance, let us turn to the Victoria knot method.We throw a tie over ourselves with the front side so that the narrow end is shorter than the wide, and the wide end is on the left. We analyze in detail how to tie a tie with a Victoria knot:

  1. We put the wide end over the narrow so that it is on the right.
  2. Now we spend it back to the left, but already under the narrow end.
  3. Repeat step 1.
  4. Repeat step 2.
  5. Repeat step 1.
  6. Carefully pass through the neck loop the wide end of the tie from the bottom upwards from the inside.
  7. Do not let go of the wide end and stretch it into the resulting tie ear.
  8. Tightening the tie knot and proud of the result.

How to tie a tie: Victoria knot

Do not worry, the knot will not appear massive if you chose a valid thin tie and initially made a narrow end shorter than a wide one. In the pictures you will see how to tie a tie, and make sure that the knot is very nice.

How to tie a short tie

Short ties, knotted Kent (Small knot), perfect for large men, when they have at hand is only a short tie. Put on a tie around the neck so that its wide end is on the left and slightly below the narrow one.

  1. The wide end of the tie is passed under the narrow, leading it to the right and turning it 180 °. By turning the tie like this, you will see its wrong side.
  2. Now we put the wide end of the tie on top of the narrow, leading it to the left.
  3. From the bottom up through the neck loop hold this wide end. We carry out this stage from the inside.
  4. Then pull it down into the formed ear.
  5. Tighten the knot and enjoy the result.

About the 180 ° rotation in the Kent node, see the details in the pictures, how to tie a tie.

How to tie a tie: Kent knot (Small knot)


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