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How to train a punch?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 31, 2012
How to train a punch?

The question is not so rare - how to train a blow - not only those who are engaged in martial arts, but also many other people are interested. Most self-defense tools often give a false illusion of security. Unlike a gas canister, electric shock or a traumatic weapon, it is impossible to forget yourself at home.

This problem should be considered simultaneously from several positions.

  • The first of these is the development of technology. If you incorrectly set the direction, or slightly bend the brush, then you can get injured yourself. To prevent this, it is necessary to keep the fist and wrist fully held as an extension of the forearm - on the same line with it.
  • A specialized boxing bag will be suitable for training, but in case of its absence, you should not despair - it is enough to fix a thick wad of newspapers on the wall at home and the “workplace” is ready. The height is selected on the basis of exactly what technology will be worked out. Beginners should perform direct blows aimed at the head and body.You do not need to hit hard, as long as your hands are used to the load. After the joints and ligaments are adapted, you can increase the frequency and speed.
  • In addition to the correct technique, you need to know how to train the force of the blow. Here, in addition to “stuffing”, physical exercises are also needed. Those muscles that perform the main work at the time of throwing out the arms are best to swing using push ups: you only need the floor.

Only three approaches, although, if desired, they can be done more.

  1. The first exercise is performed so that the hands are as close as possible to the body: push the maximum. If you are a beginner, then you should not experiment with the stand on the fists or dumbbells - enough open palms.
  2. To rest no more than a couple of minutes, after which we proceed to the second approach - the emphasis is as wide as possible, and the speed is small. Do not forget about the quality of performance - we look forward, and the chin at the lowest point should touch the floor. The slower you move at this stage, the greater the load on the muscles, and hence the efficiency.
  3. The third exercise - the maximum number of quick pushups, put your palms near, at the level of the solar plexus.

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