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How to transfer webmoney to Yandex.Money

You will need
  • In order to change WebMoney to Yandex.Money, you need wallets in these payment systems and a Webmoney certificate. The binding scheme is rather long, but quite simple.
Before you bind wallets, you need to get a certificate WebMoney. The certificate must be from the formal and above. To do this, upload the following documents to the WebMoney Attestation Center website: a scan of the passport page with a photo and the date of issue, a scan of the passport page with registration, an INN scan.
Specialists of the Center will check your documents and you will receive a notification about this.
Then, remember, or rather write down the binding code and go to the Yandex.Money website by clicking on the �Here� link. There you will see the notice �Linking WebMoney Wallet�. Click on �Confirm WebMoney Wallet Bind�.
Enter the verification number (binding code), and click on �Confirm�. After entering the Yandex.Money payment password, click �Confirm� again and wait for the confirmation to be sent.
Soon, on the Yandex.Money website, under your account number, you will see the �Electronic Currency Exchange� button. At the same time, the line �Yandex.Money� will be added to the account binding service in the �Your accounts / cards� section. The wallets binding procedure is complete.
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After linking, a Yandex.Money account linked to a WM-purse in your Kiper will be displayed on a separate line.
After the binding procedure, you can easily exchange WebMoney and Yandex.Money.
Helpful advice
If you do not have the ability to scan the documents necessary for obtaining a certificate, you can take a picture of them with an ordinary webcam.

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