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How to treat herpes?

"Herpes got" - as it is sung in one of the songs of Zemfira. Indeed, herpes, as a rule, appears at the most inopportune moment and lasts a long time. If it is not properly treated, injuries and incisors on the skin may remain. So, let's find out how to treat herpes. If we are talking about specialized medical preparations for the herpes virus, then we do not know what we are talking about. The fact is that while there are no drugs that would save from this virus forever. The treatment is a folk methods and means.

Here are some simple recipes for getting rid of a hated disease.

  • The skin area affected by the virus can be moistened with valocordin several times a day. This is a drug for the heart. After some time, the skin condition will improve.
  • Take the garlic and crush in the garlic. Put the garlic on a gauze and wrap in tampons. Lubricate the affected skin with this preform. You will not feel burning. After that, you need to dilute the honey and apple cider vinegar in a one-to-one ratio. Stir the mixture thoroughly. The rash needs to be lubricated twice a day.

How to treat herpes on the lips

Popular method of treating soot from paper, despite all its strangeness, helps best. You need to do the following. Roll out of the newspaper "bag" and put it on a large porcelain plate. Put a plate with a paper bag in the bath or sink. Light the paper. At the moment when the paper is almost dead, you need to brush away the ashes and the remnants of waste paper. You will notice that a yellow patina will remain on the plate. Lubricate this bloom herpes on the lips. Do not wash the plate, but leave it until the next day. Repeat the procedure.

How to treat genital herpes

Genital herpes is usually treated with a drug called cycloferon. Here is a scheme to follow when treating:

  • Cycloferon tablets. You need to take two or four pills for taking 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23 days from the start of taking the drug. Treatment should begin at the beginning of the exacerbation.
  • Cycloferon injections. We will need 10 injections. This method will offer you a doctor. He knows the right dosage and amount of the substance.
  • Liniment cycloferon. In diseases of the genital herpes often use liniment cycloferon.It is applied with a thin layer to the affected skin once a day for five days.

Here, than to treat genital herpes should be in the first place. In any case, it is more likely to consult a doctor than to begin self-treatment.

How to treat herpes in children

Treatment of herpes in children should be carried out, given the localization of the virus, its severity and spread. The most effective treatment is treatment with acyclovir, that is, Zovirax. The drug is usually used localized, oral and parenteral. The course of treatment for the herpes virus lasts from seven to ten days. This drug has a viralostatic effect, that is, it stops the development of the disease. Also for the treatment of herpes in children often apply ointments and creams that have an antiviral effect. Another drug for the treatment of herpes in children is interferon alfa. A good effect on the destruction of the virus has 3% hydrogen peroxide. In order to reduce the pain when eating, recommend rinsing the mouth with lidocaine. This is a solution of local anesthetic action. If the child’s immune system is weakened, the use of interferon is recommended.In any case, it is better to consult a doctor.

How to treat herpes during pregnancy

It is recommended to use various creams and ointments that have an anti-herpes effect. They need to be applied to the foci of infection. You can also lubricate problem areas with interferon solution. This should be done two or three times a day for five to seven days. Remember that vitamin E content leads to faster healing. As a folk remedy, fir oil and its beneficial effect on the skin affected by herpes are distinguished. Lubricate problem areas should be two or three times a day. Chamomile cream or calendula ointment will help soften the “cold” crust. You can also use hot tea with honey and grated viburnum in sugar. If anxious symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately.


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