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How to understand a woman?

"This is impossible," exclaim you, after reading the title and, in part, you will be right. After all, to understand the female half of humanity is sometimes very difficult. Sometimes even they do not understand themselves. On this subject goes a lot of jokes. And, every man knows that female logic is the absence of any logic ... But, do not despair. If a girl changes her mind for the tenth time, and you remain guilty in this situation and cannot understand what the matter is, the following tips are for you. The first thing to remember once and for all: the languages ​​spoken by men and women are very different. And do not amuse yourself with the hope that she will understand everything herself. Just imagine that she is Spanish and you are Chinese. Therefore, in order to understand it, it is necessary, of course, to learn the language in which it speaks. Well, or at least try. Let's discuss a couple of phrases that will tell us how to understand a woman.

Conversation with a woman

The phrase "Honey, talk to me" ... For men, a conversation is nothing but a way to exchange information. For women - just an end in itself and pleasure. When two friends are going to meet and have a nice chat, they don’t even clarify anything, because they don’t know yet.When a man hears such a sentence, he falls into a state of complete bewilderment. “What to talk to her about and how to understand what this woman wants?” Is the first thing that flashes through his mind. “Maybe she wants to hear how my work day was?” Or just tell her how best to catch a ram ... ”A man, of course, understands that such topics are alien to his woman. Maybe so, but if she loves you, then the themes are not important to her. She will simply enjoy your communication, without any specific purpose. Take it for granted. Because you will not be able to replace the conversation by performing some actions. Even if you nail a shelf, fix a microwave or prepare a seven-course dinner, without a heart-to-heart talk, no woman will believe that she really is dear to you.

How women manipulate a man

“We need to talk with you” ... And, this phrase already speaks about something else. Women often use similar obscure constructions to manipulate the stronger sex. If a man hears the following: “We need to talk to you seriously. I don’t know how to start, but I have to, as it worries me a lot ... ”- he frantically begins to sort out in his head the moments in which, in his opinion, he could be at fault.But, paradoxically, in 99% of the conversation will go about the fact that the child must be given to the dance or take the mother to the cottage chest. Now you thought that women are not able to correctly express their thoughts and place accents in the right places? I hasten to upset you ... just women are excellent psychologists. They know that after such an alarming start, a man who is relieved will be happy to fulfill any of their requests. Such a harmless, but very effective reception.

Compliments to the woman

“I'm not beautiful” ... Well, this is already a classic. And, I think, every man knows how to understand what a woman wants, who complains about her appearance. Just hug her and assure the opposite. Maybe she just has a bad mood (for example, on her way home, she was rude to a minibus), or maybe she wants a new dress or just to Turkey ... Tell her that you have the most beautiful one, then tell me more ... Especially since you really beautiful, otherwise you would not be with her.

“You do not love me” ... When a man hears such a thing, it is not easy for him to keep calm. But remember, women love to complicate and dramatize everything. They believe that it is so interesting to live and communicate.She certainly knows that you could not just take her and stop loving her. It may be rain or slush on the street that makes her depressed, and she just wants to hear from you that you love her, or something nice. Another option is possible: you did not notice the new dress or the stylish haircut that she made for you. So just be careful.

How to understand a pregnant woman

Things get complicated if your wife is pregnant. How to understand a pregnant woman? Is it even possible to understand it, and what to do for this? It turns out that it is not just possible, but more than that, it is simply necessary. It seems to you that your favorite has been replaced. If your wife used to be the very calm, then now she can be offended by sheer trifles, and sob into the pillow all night long. And, then, as if nothing had happened, to return to its normal state. You need to understand that now your wife has a difficult period in her life, and the hormones that cause a sharp change in mood and hypersensitivity are to blame. What can be done in a similar situation? First of all - keep calm. Compensate the nervousness of the spouse with your judgment.Give her more attention, show maximum care. And, remember that all this will not last forever.

During pregnancy, a woman, more than ever, needs your caress. Frequently ask her questions about her state of health, ask how small she behaves (especially at the last time, when he is already moving and worried about her mother), talk to the little one, iron her tummy ... In general, give your future mother and baby maximum of your time.

This is just a small part of the knowledge on the subject - how to understand a woman. But everything is in your hands, study, explore, learn new secrets and improve your relationships. And the last. Your woman is pregnant or not yet, she always needs your support and protection. The best thing you can do for her is to try to understand her. After all, understanding is the main thing in family relationships.

Love each other and be happy!


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